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Weighted blankets: How they work, and why you should get one

por May Baker (2019-08-20)

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> A weighted blanket from the brand 구리출장안마 Harkla.

Harkla By now, I am sure you've heard of weighted blankets. Last year, they rose to new heights of popularity, thanks in large part to the $4 million Kickstarter campaign for Gravity.

Weighted blankets are hardly new. Companies have been making them for decades and they've long been used to help soothe children with autism spectrum disorder. 

These days though, the list of conditions that weighted blankets (and other weighted products, like vests) purportedly help purportedly help span from insomnia and restless leg syndrome to anxiety and ADHD.

Putting aside all of the hype, can weighted blankets help us all feel less stressed and sleep better? Read on to find out.

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What is a weighted blanket?
Weighted blankets are similar to a duvet or comforter, but filled with glass beads or plastic pellets instead of down or fiberfill -- though some weighted blankets have both fiberfill and weights.

Most weighted blankets have many compartments full of beads or pellets to provide even weight throughout. Some come with a washable cover to make them easy to clean.