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What's the difference in fresh food and processed food

por Stuart Davenport (2019-08-21)

the difference between processed food and fresh food is processed food you take to the factory but fresh food you take it as it is

What is the difference between processed and fresh food?
Processed food is made from fresh (or other processed) food. e.g. Peanut butter is processed food made from fresh peanuts. Reese's peanut butter cups (a processed food) are made from chocolate and peanut butter.

share: Does fresh food look any different to processed food?
The appearance between fresh food and processed foods are usually different, but it would really depend on the food. Processed food is usually cooked longer, so may be softer, whereas fresh food may be firmer. There could also be a difference in color, either could be a little darker or a little lighter.

share: What are the benefits of eating fresh food instead of processed food?
Fresh foods give you more fresh nutrients while processed food has less nutrients and is also full of preservatives and other additives. Processed foods usually have more sugar, fat or salt to enhance the flavor, which is not needed for fresh food.

share: Similarities between processed food and fresh food?
fast food is better

share: What's the difference in nutrition in canned food compared to fresh food?
Canned food replaces some of its' nutrition with preservatives which are slightly toxic, (in other words, processed food takes away the good and replaces it with the bad) to stay "fresh" longer. Real fresh food is far healthier than canned food is simply because it does not contain these semi-toxic preservatives.

share: What is the difference between food preservation and food processing?
What's the difference between food preservatives and processed food.

share: What is the Environmental Impact of food processing?
Food processing is taking fresh foods and turning them into something else. The environment impact is that less fresh food is consumed in place of the processed food.

share: Is fresh food better than processed food?
Fresh food is far better than processed food! It reduces cholesterol, promotes weightloss, increases metabolism, reduces risk of constipation, improves skin look . Fresh foods contain so many nutrients that's vital for your body unlike processed food that is mainly sugar, carbohydrate and chemicals that causes so much harm to your body such as high cholesterol, obesity, diseases such as cancer, increases blood sugar etc! So always eat your fresh foods and fruits ;)

share: Are processed foods as nutritious as fresh foods?
no. fresh foods have no addedingredients in them so they are just fresh as themselves but processed foods go through speculation and things are added in them to make it more "appetizing". so fresh foods depending on the food are more nutritious

share: Does organic food last long as non organic?
If the food is fresh produce, there is little difference, if any, to how long organic and non-organic food will last. If it is processed food, additives and preservatives in non-organic foods will make them last longer than organic foods. So, the answer is processed non-organic foods are likely to last longer than organic processed foods because of preservatives added to the non-organic foods.

share: How much processed food do Americans eat?
Americans eat 31% more packaged food than fresh food.

share: What is the difference between fresh and frozen food?
The difference is that fresh food has just been harvested - or has gotten to market as quickly as possible after harvest - without being frozen or cooked. It might be minimally processed - as in packaged salad greens. Frozen food is just that - has been frozen after harvest. Now, if you are referring to the nutritional differences, vegetables start to lose nutritional value after harvesting. Frozen vegetables are generally processed right after harvesting... Read More

share: What food is only ever sold fresh and never processed?
mcdonalds big mac

share: What is an example of processed food?
Cheese Whiz, American Cheese, Velveeta, anything from a fast-food restaurant, can, or freezer. If it isn't a raw meat or fresh vegetable/fruit, it is processed to death and no longer resembles real food.

share: What is the difference between traditional food and Modern food?
Traditional food is food in its original form and not processed. Examples would be fish, fruits, dairy, and nuts. Modern food is food that has been processed and packaged.

share: What is the difference between continental and oriental cuisine?
whats is difference between continental food and oriental food

share: What is the difference between fresh food and frozen?
fresh food is fresh and is good to be eaten but it can get dried but frozen is kept in the cold Frigidaire and can be for a long time in the shop

share: What is a natural organic food diet?
A natural organic food diet is where a person goes on a diet strictly eating food that is not processed and fresh from nature. It is good for your health and cheaper!

share: Can a vegetarian live on canned food?
Can they? Yes. Should they? No. Canned foods are very high in sodium and are processed. Everyone should stick to fresh food if they have the option.

share: What is the disadvantages of processed food?
Processed food typically has chemical preservatives added to prolong shelf life. They might also have artificial flavorings or colorings added. Some of these chemical agents have been linked to the formation of cancer. Not to mention that processed foods rarely retain the majority of their nutritional values than when they are fresh.

share: What is the difference between processed and unprocessed foods?
Processed food is the kind of food where technology is taken into use before consuming it. (touched by technology) unprocessed food is the kind of food which is only touched by our hands and not gone through any technology before we consume it.

share: What is the difference between dried food and freeze-dried food?
i think dried food is fresh

share: What food can you take into New Zealand?
In general only packaged and processed food - fresh food is excluded for biosecurity reasons. For more detailed information please visit the Biosecurity section of website

share: Are processed foods bad or good for you?
Processed foods are really good , but sometimes bad too, as they are often high in sodium, fats and carbohydrates. Advantages of processed foods: 1. it stays fresh longer 2. processing improves food safety by variety of methods

share: How was ancient romes food prepared?
Roman food was prepared from scratch because there was no processed food. it was cooked on the hearth. It was eastern fresh. There were no fridges. Salt was the only known preservative. Bacon and ham were cured.

share: What are the advantages of fresh food?
- More nutritious - Fewer additives - Reduction of health risks - Seasonal Fresh whole foods are unprocessed or minimally processed. Fresh whole foods have better diversity, taste, nutritional value, and quality than heavily processed foods that are full of preservatives, additives and chemicals that are health depleting. Fresh foods can be found in your local area and can be bought in season and at the peak of ripeness and flavor.

share: Is oatmeal processed food?
Yes oats are in fact a processed food. Rolled oat are steamed and lightly toasted. Steel cut oats are not rolled and so have extra bran but they're still steamed and 바카라사이트 then dried to keep them fresh. Instant packets of oatmeal or quick cook oats are further processed by being precooked even further then dried.

share: Why is processed food called processed food?
it is called processed food because they process it and it is food by the way i am only 8 years old. Answer: What's generally known as "processed food" is food that has been chemically processed and made from refined ingredients and artificial substances

share: Which will save schools more money fresh foods or frozen?
Frozen foods cost less but are way waaayy too unhealthy. Their full of processed chemicals and pesticides and all this nasty stuff. And while fresh food does cost a little more, it will benefit the students health by a lot. Frozen food is cheaper, but unhealthy and fresh food is more in cost, but undeniably healthy

share: Is processed food good for you?
Processed food is contributing to today's epidemics of obesity. Processed food isn't good for you because of artificial ingredients. Because processed food isn't real food, it lasts for years.

share: Where can you find processed foods?
Go to your local grocer, find the fresh produce aisle, skip that, and look in any other direction. Whatever food you're looking at now is processed. Chips, sodas, soups, cereals, lunch meats, cheeses, and just about everything else is processed these days.

share: What types of food gets exported from Australia to New Zealand?
Many different types of food are exported from Aus to NZ. Fresh fruit and vegetables, confectionery, processed cereals, sugar, flour, and so on.

share: Disadvantages and advantages of fresh food to processed food?
Fresh foods do not contain additives and preservatives, and ALL processed foods do. Fresh foods CAN contain pesticides, unless you purchase organic, but they can easily be washed off. Consuming fresh foods that have NOT been washed can cause microorganisms to enter your body, causing illness. Processed foods that have been improperly stored or handled can also contain microorganisms, but is much less likely. Fresh foods have all of their natural vitamins and minerals, while... Read More

share: What is a feature of US laws governing information on food labels?
A) Restaurant foods must provide nutrient content information on the menu B) The term "fresh" can be used only for raw and moderately processed food C) Nutrition labeling is not required on foods produced by small businesses or products produced and sold in the same establishment D) Nutrition labeling must appear on virtually all processed as well as fresh foods

share: Is corn oil a processed food?
Corn is processed to extract the oil, but the oil would not be considered a processed food.

share: Why are Italians so healthy?
Because they always eat fresh food; most don't eat processed foods. Also they eat a LOT of Pasta which is fantastic for your health.

share: What percentage of Australia's food is imported?
About 90 % of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, milk and eggs sold in supermarkets are supplied by the local farmers. Australia imports only processed foods not produced in the country, branded spirits, seafood and processed fruit and vegetables.

share: How do you distinguish between junk food and healthy food?
Junk food is man-made, highly processed items, such as packaged cookies, Cheetos, and fast food like McDonald's. Healthy food consists of natural items, like fresh fruits and vegetables that are eaten with little or no processing.

share: What is a substances added to food?
Most processed foods have added preservatives, coloring, seasonings, spices, etc. Even fresh produce may have a wax coating to enhance their appearance.

share: What is the difference between Halal and Kosher food?
Not much difference - Halal is practiced by Muslims, and Kosher is practiced by Jews. Neither eat pork, and each have requirements on how their meat is slaughtered and processed.

share: Why does food have to be processed?
It needs to be processed to make sure there it is not contaminated plus there is a law that makes everyone's food be processed and checked for health hazards.

share: What determines what food products will be processed and marketed?
Economics determines what food products will be processed and marketed. If there is a demand for a food, then food companies will produce it.

share: What food provides sufficient amounts of vitamin C?
Every type of fresh fruit and vegetable (not cooked, canned, or processed in any way) contains a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

share: What happens if you give a hamster a tiny corner of a cracker with salt?
Nothing, but you shouldn't do it. Hamsters should only eat hamster mix and fresh fruits and veggies, no processed human food.

share: Why are cereals rich in carbohydrates?
The processed the food the less in nutrients they become. Cereals are considered a processed food.

share: Are mushrooms processed food?
Mushrooms are grown from the ground and are not processed.

share: What is the difference in how much gas is produced by fresh food verses processed food?
Generally speaking, processed foods are produced using manufacturing methods to transform raw ingredients into neatly packaged goods, which have a longer shelf life. Some of the artificial ingredients used include monosodium glutamate (MSG), flavors, preservatives, hydrogenated oil, fillers, and artificial sweeteners. Usually, consumers can prepare them quickly allowing immediate intake. Disappointingly, they don't offer much in nutritional value. Most likely, it's processed food if it's wrapped in several layers of plastic, cardboard, and/or foil, and... Read More

share: Whats a good way to eat healthy?
If you are already on the healthy side, then eat anything in moderation. Drink water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables when you can, avoid processed food or that which has a lot of sugar or sale, and walk as much as you can. If you are having to watch some of your health, such as diabetics have to, then of course make modifications according to your particular condition. But bottom line - drink water and... Read More

share: When something is not fresh what is that called?
Maybe stale or just 'non-fresh' or even 'food that isn't fresh'. For example, this food was stale OR this food isn't fresh OR this is non-fresh food

share: Is fast food processed?
Nearly all fast food is processed. I don't know any types of fast food which aren't processed. So yes it is mc Donalds,Burger King, mostly any fast food place you know

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