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How does apple make money

por Ezequiel Tindal (2019-08-21)

A - from the sale of its computers

a1 - from the sale of the operating system for its computers

B - from the sale of its iPhones and iPods

b1 - from the sale of apps to run on these

C - from the sale of items on iTunes

How much Money does Apple make?
apple make 13 billion pound a year but after all the money deductions taxes, etc... they make about 5.5 billion pomds a year

Why did Apple invent iPhone?
To make money

What is the point of the iPhone?
To make money for Apple.

What is the purpose for 안전한놀이터 the Apple Watch?
To make money.

Why did steven jobs invent the apple computer?
To make money.

Why did apple make iPod?
To get money, fame and an awesome Icon.

How much money did apple make in last year?
1.5 billion in a year alot of money

Can you make iPhone apps on a windows PC?
no because the apps are for an apple iphone and apple wants you to buy a mac so that they can make more money

What microprocessors are used in apple iPods?
to eat apples and break the ipod to make apple more money fixing them

How much money does the CEO of Apple make?
$1,400,000 - $1,700,000 / year

What were the initial objectives of Apple Inc?
sell computers make money

What does Apple do with all the money they make?
shareholders, payroll, and R&D.

How much money did apple make from the iPad?
i think they made 20billion

How much money does apple make off of its apps?
Apple gets a 30% cut from PAID apps in the App Store

How much money does the apple store make each day?
The apple store makes about half a million dollars each day!!

Why did the apple invent the Ipod?
1. To make money 2. For users to store songs 3. To act like a PDA 4. To make more money

How much money does Apple computers make per year?
In 2012 Apple Inc. had net sales of $156,508,000 with a net profit of $41,733,000.

Did the apple computer make a lot of money?
Well considering that Apple Inc. is the largest publicly traded corporation in the world by market capitalization, with an estimated market capitalization of $446 billon dollars as of January 2014, it is safe to say they make lots of money.

What is the 1 function of itunes?
The 1 function of iTunes is to make money for the Apple Corporation.

Did Apple Mac make or lose money last year?
In 2008 Apple increased their level of profits by 38 percent earning them $4.83 billion.

How can you find out how much money Apple Computers made last year?
As there is no such company as Apple Computers they did not make anything. Apple Inc publishes its financial details and 10-K reports on its website.

How much money does CEO of the Apple company Steve Jobbs make in a single year?

How much money does apple computer make in one year?
In 2011 Apple had net sales of $108,249,000 and a net profit of $25,922,000. 2012 profit will be higher.

How do movie makers make monsters and ghost?
they go to apple spend money and get a life full of money and fame sent from,

Does apple steal your money?
No loser (: Apple doesn't steal you'r money !

Why did they create the apple?
Apple is the name of a company that makes computers, computer software and related devices such as the iPod. They created the Apple company because they enjoyed creating such things and thought they could make some money doing it.

Why did Steve job invent ipods?
The iPod was invented to sell and make money for the Apple company, its employees, and its investors.

What is the purpose of Apple Inc?
apples purpose is to make money and provide their customers with the latest technology and gadgets ! By priyank r

What is the difference between 2nd and 3rd generation ipod touch?
their is no difference just a way for apple to make more money.

How much money does apple make per song?
if you mean iTunes they charge .99, but after tax I think its about 1.08-1.09

What did Forrest do with his shrimping money in Forrest Gump?
Lt. Dan invested the shrimp boat money into, as Forrest called it, some kind of 'fruit' company. It was Apple Computer. Buying into ground floor stocks of Apple most certainly would make someone very rich.

Who earns more money Microsoft or apple?
apple by far. Apple is the richest company in the world!

Will registering apple products costs money?
There is no charge to register any Apple products with Apple.

How to let games that cost money to be free In the app store apple?
There is no way to get games that cost money free in the iTunes app store on Apple devices. From time to time, Apple does have free games that have cost money before.

Does apple give you money to buy your first few apps?
Apple does not give you money to buy apps but many apps are free.

How do you get into an ipod touch?
You cant you have to send it back to apple or the shop you got it from. They do this so if it breaks you have to pay to get it fixed so they make more money!

What is the goal of apple?
To build and sell the very best computer money can buy. Of course they want to make a profit on every one they sell.

How much money does apple make in a year?
Apple's worldwide annual revenue totaled $170 billion in 2013. Apple entered the top ten of the Fortune 500 list in May 2013, sitting at number six.

Does it cost money to get an apple id for your iPhone?
No, an Apple ID is completely free.

How much money did apple make from selling ipods?
your question is kinda hard to answer because they didnt exactly "make" a set amount of money off of the ipod. They are how ever still making a huge amount from selling it. Your question would have been better stated like "how much money did apple make from selling the 4th generation ipod" or something like that...but in apples 2007 fiscal year it was close to 905 billion...but if this is(or was) for a research...

Did paul Allen make apple?
He did not find or make Apple.

How To Make Apple Friters?
How To Make Apple Friters Doughnuts

What is the target market of apple?
Apples want to attract people that are upper and middle class. Apples want people that will pay more money for a better computer or other things like that. Apple feels that if you make enough money you should be able to pay at less 500 dollars for a computer. Apple wants customers that are interested in electronic devices. Apple wants people that like to take pictures and record videos. People that are interested in music...

How do you make an apple in minecraft pe?
How to make a apple in minecraft pe

How much do apple make a year?
In the last year Apple's revenue (the money coming in from selling stuff) was $65.23 billion of which $14.01 billion was profit.

Why does the iPad have a big screen?
So more people will buy it! And why not have a big screen? Apple wants to make more money. Anyways, The bigger the better!

Will apple pie make you fat?
Apple pie, if partook in small quantities, will probably not make you fat. However, if you eat apple pie after apple pie, day after day, it will make you fat.

How much money does is cost to buy one apple from a supermarket?
Purchasing an apple from the supermarket will depend on what kind of apple it, how much the apple weighs, and what store you are in. One apple will be about 1 dollar.

Does the US government have less money than apple?
No, it has a marginal amount less, the Apple company has more money than the US Government, crazy, right?

How do you make a ipod app?
Simple. Go to the Apple Store and follow the instructions. You will require iOS developer, which costs money, a Mac, which costs money, an iPod, which costs money and a notebook, which costs money. It'll cost you...the link to the App Developer is below where the related links section is.

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