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Does Vanessa hudgen have a Facebook account

por Stevie Caldwell (2019-08-22)

yes my friend on facebook she is friends with her on facebook

Which phone does Vanessa Hudgen have?
Vanessa has an iphone

What is Vanessa Hudgen?
Vanessa Hudgens is a singer and actress

Vanessa hudgen screen name?
Vanessa Hudgens

Does vanessa hudgen have a piczo?
No,Vanessa don`t have a piczo.

What doe vanessa hudgen mean?
Vanessa means butterfly

What is the baby of vanessa hudgen?
vanessa is still a virgin (not pregnant)

Is vanessa hudgen her real name?
Vanessa Anne Hudgens

Thank you Vanessa hudgen for emailing me?
Vanessa Hudgens emailed you?

Is Vanessa hudgen Muslim?
No, she is Philippino

When did vanessa hudgen born?

Does vanessa hudgen know Spanish?
Yes Vanessa speaks spanish

How old is vanessa an hudgen?
Vanessa Anne Hudgens is 21 years old.

What country is vanessa hudgen from?
she is from America .x.

Where is Vanessa Hudgen come from?
Salinas, California

Does Corbin Bleu like Vanessa Hudgens?

What is Vanessa hudgen food?
vanessa hudgen's favorite food are peanut butter crakers

Is Vanessa hudgen pregneat?
she is not pregnant because she is not married.

Are you and Ashly Tistale best friends?
Vanessa hudgen

Is Vanessa hudgen dating Zach?
Yes! Of course

Who does vanessa hudgen love?
She loves zac efron

Why is Vanessa hudgen jelouse of Ashley for?
She is not jelouse :p

Where do vanessa anne hudgen live?

What is Vanessa hudgen allergic to?
Clor in the pools and carrots...

Is Vanessa hudgen lasbian?
no she isn´t . she has a boyfriend...

What does vanessa hudgen do with zac?
they live together and they go out together, shoopping for Vanessa and gym for Zac

Who is vanessa hudgen rea dad?
Gregory Hudgens a firefighter

Did vanessa ann hudgens have a baby?
No vannessa hudgen did not have a baby

Is Vanessa hudgen 17?
She is 21 now. Almost 22

What pets does vanessa hudgen have?
a dog Shadow and 2 turtles

What is Vanessa Morgan's official Facebook account?

Does Vanessa Hudgens like van halen?
Yahhh van halen and vanessa hudgen have a 1st date!

Does Vanessa hudgen have a sister?
yes...her name is Stella hudgens she is 14 now.....and vanessa is 22 now.....

What is vanessa anne hudgens and zac efron facebook account?
They don't have facebook accounts, but facebok fan pages.

Has Vanessa Anne Hudgen been married?
No, she has never been married.

When did Vanessa Hudgen and Ashley Tisdale meet?

Is Vanessa Anne Hudgen doing HSM 3?
Yes she sure is.

Does Vanessa Hudgen have a hi5?
Yes its : website

Who is Vanessa hudgen best friend?
Ashely Tisdale and Miley Cyrus.

What Vanessa hudgen likes?
She loves shopping, shoes, sushi and photoshooting

In what year did vanessa hudgen started singing?
she started singing in 2002

You want to know all about vanessa hudgen?
Her mom is a Filipino, 파워볼 and her dad's an American...

Does Vanessa hudgen have a dog?
yes, she have a black toy poodle, named: Shadow.

Does Vanessa hudgen have a webkinz?
No she is a nasty lady that took nudy pictures of herself.

Has vanessa hudgen ever been to jail?
Ugh I wish! She's a loser!

Who does vanessa hudgen love the most?
Meee!!(joke).I think Zac Efron.

Is Vanessa Ann Hudgen Mexican?
She is Irish, Native American, Spanish, Chinese and Filipino.

What does vanessa hudgen house look like?
its big white and the in side is so cool!

WERE Zac Efron and vanessa hudgen ever intimate?
They have been intimate limited times

Does vanessa hudgen live in a house?
Yes, she has such a awesome house go onto google and tip in Vanessa Hudgens´s house images

How old did Vanessa Hudgen became famous?
I really actually don't know but I think it was16.

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