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What can you use Facebook tokens for on Facebook

por Lilliana Thomas (2019-08-22)

Tokens are used to play different games on Facebook, and to purchase different things on Facebook.

What are Facebook tokens used for?
I believe the tokens you are referring to are all for the application Friends For Sale.

How do you get free power tokens?
playgame on facebook

How do you use wish tokens webkinz?
how to use wish tokens on webkinz

How do you get many tokens in Ninja Saga on Facebook?
i dont no if i know i will tell eveyone

Ninja Saga on Facebook?
Did you notice that the price for 1,000 tokens is $9.90 and Emblem and 2,000 tokens are $19.90? Shouldn't the Emblem cost 10 cents if you don't want the tokens then? Addition ~ Nall Rai Rom 1000 token

How do you get free tokens for Facebook games?
How do i get i get free coins on video bingo in games on facebook please help its hard to get any coins thank you

Can you use theater tokens online?
no you cant use theater tokens online i tried it but u can use them at coconut bowl

How do you get tokens in Facebook?
You can buy them with your phone credit, and in Game, I've seen giftcards to purchase which give you Facebook credits. Click on the Facebook credits token and you'll find out more information.

How can you get more tokens on speed racing app for Facebook?
kako da dobije vise tokena

Will you have to pay for Facebook games?
No you don't have to pay to play facebook games. However if you want to but cash or coins on certain games like farmville you will have to pay by direct debit, facebook tokens and so on.

What is the cost of an ultimate pack in Madden NFL Superstars on Facebook?
150,000 tokens or 80 playfish cash

What do you use the tokens on Madden 08 for?
tokens are for buying madden cards. these cards can be used to help in tough games

How do you get Facebook tokens?
There are cards you can buy, like those game cards for like Club Penguin, they should be wherever giftcards are sold.

Is playing games on facebook free?
Yes, playing games on facebook is absolutely free. There is no charge for playing games though some games charge you to buy tokens or power-ups etc. but the games are free.

How do you play a magic the gathering token card?
certain cards have a abilities that use tokens, token cards aren't nesacarry, you can just use them to represent the tokens that it creates, you can just use rocks or pencils if you want.

What are Tokens on the Shockwave Website?
Shockwave tokens are your reward for being awesome! You can earn tokens by scoring big in games or by participating in certain activities on the site. You can use your tokens to get Instant Win Scratchers, enter sweepstakes, or up the ante in games like poker, keno, and slots

What do you use tokens for in ameba pico?
You use it to buy things you can't but with Gummies.

What can you use tokens for on animal jam?
prizes at the carnival (only out in summer)

What do you use the black ops 2 tokens for?
To unlock prestige rewards

Can you use symbols on Facebook?
Yes, you can use symbols on Facebook.

How can you have tokens at ego city?
how to cheat tokens 1000 tokens

If you are 13 can you use Facebook?
Yes, if you are 13 you can use Facebook but it may be a good idea to ask your parents if you are allowed to use Facebook first. There are some people older then 13 who aren't allowed to use Facebook.

What is cam4?
it is a adult webcam website. able to use tokens as a form of payment.

How do you use the 5000 tech tokens twice in Spider-Man friend or foe?
Put in the following code (up,up,down,downleft,right). And there is your 5000 tech tokens.

How do you get xp fast on miniplanet?
You get tokens to play games, play the games. If your out of tokens get one of your friends to post to their walls that thing where you can get tokens. None of your friends tokens will go, you can only use that friend twice a day. You could give luv. Buy clothing/furniture. And order stock in your store. The last thing you could do is clean your friends pads(only 8 a day)

Do celebs use Facebook?
They do not use facebook they only use youtbe,twitter and myspace. So if there are any celebrites on facebook they are fake please report them.

How do you earn ninja saga tokens?
u must be lvl 78 go to kage room and ask for tokens u ill need a credit card so use this number 735472

Which website can you get free Facebook?
Facebook. Facebook is a free website to use

How do you get ecto tokens on RuneScape?
You get some ectoplasm in the bottom floor of the church thingy in Port Phasmatys, get some bones and a pot. Use the bones on the grinder in the top floor and then use your ectoplasm in the thing on the bottom floor then the grinded bones... You will get ecto-tokens! :D

Can you use Facebook in Nokia C1-01?
the answer is yes. you can use facebook with nokia can use it by opera mini browser or facebook software.

In Yu-Gi-Oh why do tokens have no card text?
Tokens do not have effects, they are Normal Monsters. Even in the case of tokens with inbuilt restrictions such as Sheep Tokens from Scapegoat or other things like the damage from Ojama Tokens, these are lingering effects placed by the card that created the Tokens and not effects of the tokens themselves.

When you can use Facebook?
I believe you have to be aged 13+ to use\own a Facebook account.

How many people in Canada use Facebook?
42% of Canadians use facebook.

How can you use Facebook offline?
You can't use Facebook offline; it's impossible.

How do you do to charge a green d'hide coif in runescape?
In the wilderness, there is an underground place called Fist Of Guthix. It is a minigame. Play the minigame a couple of times to get tokens. Use the tokens to recharge. Some druids will recharge it for you.

What do you use tokens for?
Tokens were used in ring topologies because data crashes were common on the network. Therefore, tokens allowed one PC that had the token to talk on the network at a time. PCs would wait until the token was passed from PC to PC as needed, in order to transfer data throughout the network.

How do you do signs on Facebook?
use these: :D :P for chating What are the signs u use on facebook

Do you have to use your facebook in this site? will not ever require you to use Facebook to ask questions. I am a Bronze Contributer on here and I do not use Facebook to post on here. You can always post annoymously.

What percentage of Americans use facebook and twitter?
13% of Americans use Twitter whilst 51% use Facebook.

Does Arthur Darvill have Facebook?
No, 파워사다리 he currently does not use Facebook.

How to unsubscribe from Facebook?
i dont want to use facebook.

How old do you have to be to be in Facebook?
you have to be 10 upwards to use facebook!

Does undertaker use Facebook?
No he doesn't have facebook or myspace

Does the Fast and Furious arcade game use tokens?
Any other youtuber like pewdiepie?

Does Facebook mobile use internet?
I have facebook mobile and you dont use internet its all texts

What years were Missouri sales tax tokens used?
The state of Missouri began using cardboard or milk cap tokens in 1935. In years to follow they changed to metal coins the size of nickels. During the war when metal became scarce they went to plastic. From1935 till 1961 the value of these tokens were either .001 or. 005 of a sent. Answer tokens were used in Missouri from 1935 till 1961. Being the state to use them the longest.

Where to change gold to tokens in ninja saga?
Sadly, (sighs) you can't. You can change tokens to gold, but not gold to tokens.

Five friends each had 36 prize tokens from the arcade two other friends each had 25 prize tokens the seven friends decided to combine their tokens and then divide them equallyhow many tokens will each?
36 + 25 = 61 prize tokens 61 prize tokens divided by 7 friends = 8.7142857

Does using facebook credits use real money?
It depends. If you are lucky and that Facebook game gives you free Facebook credits, then no. If you want more Facebook credits, you need to use real money to buy them.

Can you play Facebook without Facebook?
You can't. To use the application in facebook, you need to create an account.

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