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Will a computer explode if you Google Google

por Eddy Minifie (2019-08-29)

No. That is a false rumor.

If you Google 'Google' the site that will pop up will be the Google Homepage. Your computer will NOT explode!

Do your eyes explode if you stare at the computer to long?
No. But if Chuck Norris stares at it the computer will explode.

Why it is important to protect against computer viruses?
your computer will explode

How does the comuter exploes?
A computer cannot explode. It could only explode if there was a bomb inside of it.

Is your computer about to explode?
no, noht mine :)

What If you Googled Google?
The world will explode...they can see theirselves through our eyes

How can your computer explode?
It can overload overheat and fry the system

Delete Google Chrome from your computer?
delete google chrome from my computer

Is it safe to download Pokemon FireRed twice?
no... your computer will explode

Can a computer explode?
yes if you pour water all over

Is there a cult where Google is their god?
No there is no culture where google is god. Google is just a computer and computer freaks might consider it as god.

What do creepers do in the iPad version of minecraft?
same as in the computer version ( explode)

5 places that knows about you on the computer?
. google . google . google . google and most important... . google

If you install a new peripheral onto your existing computer what must be compatible?
it will explode

How did Google inventors make Google?
with a computer juuu

What countries is Google in?
Google is in everywhere so, all the world has Google on their computer.

Does gaia give viruses to your computer?
Surely it does for some reason gaia is the main source of viruses it made my computer explode ilovecookies!

Can Google Chrome harm your computer?
Google chrome is the best internet browser and does not harm your computer. Internet sites containing viruses harm your computer.

How can you get a picture of a computer?
google "computer" and click on images.

Why does Google not work on your computer?
Because Google feels like it.

Can a computer explode by itself in hot weather?
it cant. It can only melt the insides of the computer and it'll be all smoky and mess up the environment :)

Is Google Chrome bad for your computer?
No. Google Chrome will not harm your computer nor install any type of spyware or virus.

What is function key of computer?
I had no idea there was a fuction key on a computer! Try to ask google! LOL I had no idea there was a fuction key on a computer! Try to ask google! LOL

How do you fix Google not searching in Google Chrome?
Reset your computer or re-install Google Chrome.

What do you do when your computer fails to turn on?
find another computer go to google type in cesabarre then hit search. Why this, coz searching google about a computer not turning on will give you millions of answers.

How do you make a hole on minecraft?
You can explode a Tnt or if you have a computer not a mac you can right click where you want your hole.

How can you find the map of ndola?
If you are at a computer, Google it. It's in Google maps.

Is Google Chrome a computer application?
Yes Google Chrome is a application.

how to use google bookmark on computer?
First a Google account must be created in order to use and access Google Bookmarks. One that has been done this service can be used. Bookmarks can be saved to the Google Account and accessed from any computer.

How do you sign up for Google Talk for blackberry?
register from the computer via google

How do you know if you have Google or Google Chrome?
you maybe check the back of the computer maybe

Disadvantages of Australia giving aid to other countries?
Well, Australia can explode like Diana's computer.

What happen to a computer if it was asked the probability of the Detroit Lions going 19-0?
it would explode

Can a computer really explode?
Not really. But laptop batteries can burst rather enthusiastically, if the charging goes wrong.

Do Justin Bieber interview singing over the computer?
Maybe. Unless he does not make my ears explode again!

How can you put Cursor Mania on Google Docs?
Curson Mania is a software program that you download to your computer. Google Docs is not based on your computer; it runs on Google's computers. Cursor Mania and Google Docs are not compatible.

What is better Google Maps or Google Earth?
For some things Google Maps is better and for other things Google Earth is better. It depends on what you're trying to do. If you simply want to get driving directions from point A to point B then Google Maps is quick and easy. If you want to explore Mount Everest or the mountains on Mars then Google Earth is better to use. Google Earth is the heavy-weight application that you will tend to spend...

Is Google a good computer resource?
yes google is a good computer resource. you can look up picture and get info just like you can on wiki answers.

How can you destroy Google?
punch your computer

How do you install a Google tool bar?
Go to the Google website and opt to install the toolbar. Your computer may ask you for authorization in a pop-up, to allow Google to access your computer. Click yes, and then your toolbar will appear shortly.

Why might you not a want to leave cell phone or 마이크로카지노 a laptop computer outside on a hot day?
it can heat up and explode

What happens if helium balloons explode when you bust it?
Helium is an inert gas and will not explode. If however your balloon contains Hydrogen gas (which is not inert) instead of Helium gas, and it comes into contact with a flame, it will blow up in your face. (You should google the Hindenberg some time)

Why won't the Google Chrome Browser program start on my computer?
It could be possible that your computer is not up to date. Google Chrome only supports Windows XP and Vista.

Can a computer kill another computer - as in force that computer to explode - because mine just exploded and it's last message was 'connection established' And I'm assuming that was another computer?
no, a computer cannot remotely cause physical damage to another.

What to do if Google chrome doesn't work?
Restart the computer and start Google Chrome. If it doesn't work, pull out the start cable to the computer and wait 10 seconds, plug it in and try again. If it doesn't, then you should probably contact Google.

What did the Google inventors build their first computer cabinet out of?
They did not build a computer they built a server.

Does Google Chrome take over your computer?
No, it helps it by preventing viruses getting on to your computer.

Computer pictures from the 1950s?
google images

How do you do hearts on the computer?
Google alt codes

Can Google crash?
it depends if your computer has probloms

What is the application of computer at school?
Google documents

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