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What is curly hair called

por Kellie Richmond (2019-08-30)

Curly hair is also called wavy hair, frizzy hair, or crimpy hair. What are Curly locks of hair called?
They are called curls.

She has curly hair or she have curly hair?
She has curly hair is correct.

What is artificially curly hair called?
That would either be a weave or extensions, which is fake hair attached to your own hair, or getting a perm which is putting a chemical in your actual hair to make it curly.

Is curly hair hereditary?
Curly hair is hereditary. Children will get curly hair if they have parents with curly hair or if it runs in their families in grandparents.

Why do you have curly hair?
You have curly hair because of your genes. Not your jeans, your genes. Does curly hair run in your family? If so, it's not unusual for you to have curly hair.

If the mom has curly hair and the dad has straight hair what is the probability that that the child will have curly hair?
Hair texture is not a dominant recessive gene. I do not remember what it is called but the definition is a mixture of both. The hair type will probably be wavy. Hope this helps.

How did Ice Cube get his hair curly?
It's called texturizing

What is cymphonique hairstyle called?
Cymphonique's hair is NATURALLY CURLY.

How do you get your hair natural curly?
You cant get your hair naturally curly if you don't have naturally curly hair. However; if you do have naturally curly hair you can define your curls with a leave in conditioner.

Whats goin to happen if you have curly hair and you get a curly perm?
I think if you aready have curly hair, what is the point to perming it curly? But if you have to because your hair is a curly mess then it will problemby just stay curly.

If you have curly hair does that mean you have curly pubic hair?
no you could straight them even they are curly but i want them curly.

How can you make natural hair curly?
You cant get your hair naturally curly if you don't have naturally curly hair. However; if you do have naturally curly hair you can define your curls with a leave in conditioner.

How do you make your hair naturally curly?
Well... If you were not born with naturally curly hair, You will never have naturally curly hair.

Can you grow curly hair if you have straight hair?
you CAN NOT grow curly hair if you have strait hair

What does it mean to have curly hair?
It means your hair is curly.

How does curly hair relate to genetics?
If your mom had curly hair or your dad had curly hair..or somewhere along the line of your family someone had curly hair you can inherit it. The wave pattern of your hair is like the color of your hair or inherit it.

Do yorkies have striaght hair or curly hair?
do yorkies have straight or curly hair

How does your hair become naturally curly?
You just contradicted yourself. You said: 'How does your hair become naturally curly?' You hair can't be naturally curly unless you are born with curly hair. You can achieve curls with certain products, but unless your hair automatically curls while drying, you can never have curly hair.

What does Selena Gomez like straight hair or curly hair?
her hair is curly so she obviously like curly hair. and in a wizards of waverly place episode ... he told justn (her brother) to get a girlfriend with curly hair. and he said why and she said because curly hair ic cuter than straight ..

Is nick jonas's hair curly?
His hair is curly :-) oh and Joe's is striaght but Kevin's is curly!!

Is straight hair or curly hair dominant?
Curly hair and straight hair have incomplete dominance. If a person with curly hair marries a person with straight hair their kids would have wavy hair. The only way to get curly hair is if both your parents have it and the same with straight hair. what if, like alot of people, both your parents have straight hair and you end up with curly hair?(adoption is out of the question)

Straight hair is dominant to curly?
No, curly hair is dominant

Did Emma Watson have strait or curly hair?
She has curly hair

Did Betsy Ross have curly hair?
yes she does have curly hair

Can emos have curly hair?
Yes, anyone can have curly hair.

Her hair are curly is the sentence correct?
No, not at all. Her hair is curly..

Is curly hair dominate or recessive trait?
Curly hair is recessive gene - 'Annie is recessive' because she has curly and ginger hair.

Does curly hair look good on blonde's?
of course curly hair looks good on blondes,my sister is blonde and her hair is curly

Will curly hair be less curly longer or shorter?
I have curly hair and I think its a little less curly shorter. Not sure but, it might be

Can white people have kinky CURLY hair?
yes white people have curly hair too.white people have straight and curly hair.i'm white and i have curly dark brown hair.

How do you describe curly hair?
curly hair is a difference to fine hair it is usually course

What is permanently straightening and perming curly hair in the same procedure called?
Why would you want to do that? Straightening is to make curly hair straight; perming makes straight hair curly. Doing both in the same procedure would just destroy your hair. If you're trying to turn your tight curls into loose ones, having your hair relaxed is the way to go.

What makes straight hair curly and curly hair frizzy?
I can answer the first part...What makes your straight hair curly is severl things one sleping on it or with your hair in a bun or ponytail. Second water can make you hair curly again or steam.. :)

Is Megan Nicole's hair curly?
yes Megan Nicole's hair is naturally curly I saw it on youtube and she said that her hair was naturally curly...

How could two parents with curly hair have boys and girls with straight hair?
They're called recessive genes.

How do you get Selena Gomez's curly hair?
It's called YouTube look it up..

Curly hair is recessive and straight hair is dominant A woman with curly hair marries a man who is homozygous dominant for straight hair. What are the outcomes for frizzy hair home remedy their children?
75% chance of having straight hair and 25 % chance having curly Alleles Curly (woman) Curly Straight Straight Straight (guy) Straight Straight Curly

Who are the ancestors of people with curly hairs?
Africans are especially known for having extremely curly hair, but there are other ethnicity's that can have curly hair as well. It just depends on if you have the gene for curly hair.

Does Selena Gomez look better with straight or curly hair?
curly because its better on her she thinks that her hair should be curly Brittney spears had curly hair but she she shaved all of it off

Can you straighten curly hair?
You can always straighten curly hair if it is naturally curly. If it is permed to be curly, then ask your hairdresser what to do if you want to make it straight.

How many people have curly hair?
the answer is more people have curly hair!

Why did Michael Jackson have curly hair?
Because he was born with curly hair.

Does Emma Watson have curly hair?
Yes, she has wavy, if not curly hair.

Does Vanessa Hudgens have curly hair?
yes, her hair is naturally curly.

Does Kate Winslet have straight or curly hair?
She has naturally curly hair.

Does Justin Bieber have curly hair?
Justin Bieber Does Not Have Curly Hair!

Is Danny Jones hair curly or straight?
danny has curly hair (:

Does Zendaya have Curly hair?
Zendaya has curly hair if you entirely look at her she does.

What are good hair products fro curly hair?
Well I have curly hair and what i use is a shampoo and conditioner called "Sunsilk" it's the green one for frizz. It works great on curly hair :) Hope this helps! I also use "hair mouse" and "Alcohol free" gel!! if you go to sunsilks website you can get a free sample to try it before you buy it! Hope all this helps curly hair can be such a pain in the butt unless...

Can you have straight hair as a kid then have curly hair as an adult?
Yes, your hormones can make your hair curly. You may have stick straight hair as a little kid but then have super curly hair by age 14.

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