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Is There Still Easy Money To Be Made on the Web? Absolutely…!

por Brigida Mcginnis (2019-08-30)

Have you ever studied judo or any of the Eastern Martial Arts? They all depend on one thing, levering the energy of your opponent. The web is exactly the same! The web has a flow; if you can put yourself in the middle of the flow you will win. If you try to dam the river, you may succeed for a time, but eventually you'll be swept away. Sound poetic? But you can see it everywhere. The get-rich-quick crowd, earnestly searching for the wrinkle. And, of course, 소액결제현금화방법 some folks succeed. Then they prey on your and my dreams, once the wrinkle has disappeared. But enough of me ranting!What about the title of this piece is there easy money and if so where is it and why isn't it just another wrinkle?The easy money is in article writing. But, only if you approach it properly, like the judo master. Here are the rules:
You're going to have to pay more than lip-service to the absolute reality that "content is king" on the web. If you've taken that to heart you are in-synch with the search engines and more importantly the customersgo with the flow...

You're going to have to learn a skill how to write an article. Now, luckily that's a lot easier than it soundsall the basic materials needed are on the webAlso, as writing *is* a skill, the more you do the easier it getsyou may never be a great author, but you can be a superb writer of short, fact-stuffed pieces that people absolutely love because they make a real difference to their lives

You're going to have to learn how to exploit your new article writing skills systematically. Simply putting an article out there isn't going to do much good. You need a planned program of articles that are written with multiple uses in mind. And you'll have to learn the skills of monetizing the targeted traffic you will certainly generate

You're going to have to make a vow, to avoid the self-defeating abuse of article writing. Duplicate articles, plagiarism, poor writing, unstructured and almost unreadable drivel, all these and more have to give way to solid, researched ideas with an original twist. If you do that the article users and readers will love you and you will succeed

You're going to have to persist. There are ways of making short term money with articles, but the real money is in the residual income you get from the way articles (and their links) stick around on the web, creating traffic and building your search engine position

You're going to have to take a vow of patience. I don't know if there really is a Google Sandbox into which all newbies are put, or whether Google, faced with billions of web pages, is simply slow' to get round the web. Whichever, Google itself admits that finding all your pages can take significant time! If that's true of your site, it's true of the links you have placed on other sites hold on to your current incomeif you can!...

You're going to have to invest in a few tools. Directory memberships to find the ezines, maybe article submission software or services, mailing list and autoresponder services, and of course some web sites with domains and hosting. None of these will break the bank

You're going to have to be prepared to build expertise and perhaps become an authority. It isn't absolutely necessary that you do this, but nothing writes articles faster or gets them published more readily than manifest expertise and a passion for your subject
Article writing goes with the flow of the internet. It's a can't lose', long term skill that will never, ever go out of fashion. If you do it properly it's as close to a guaranteed earnings generator as anything you could possibly do. Not only does it generate income in its on right, but it also hone the most basic skill on the web- the ability to write. Think about it advertisements of many different kinds, books, reports, web content, sales letters, email letterswriting dominates the web even audio clips have to be structured and often scripted!Writing and in particular article writing, is THE heart of web profits for the everyman' and everywoman' on the web and practice makes it easy!