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Wall Street Watches Product Reviews

por Tonia Bassler (2019-08-30)

You may think product reviews are useful, or you may think it just consists of a bunch of unprofessional mumbo-jumbo from lonely people screaming at the top of their lungs to be heard by someone from the safety of anonymity.

But this relatively new way of making a buzz around a new product hitting the market hold more clout than you might think. It is not only a good way for you as a costumer to create a wide base knowledge of a product you are about to buy, the collective voice gathered when adding it all up holds true to the well-known equation of: the sum surpassing the value of its parts.

So powerful and useful are the consumer buzz generated by the summary of reviews, that big business has conducted deep, scientific research in the field. For stock market companies, an avalanche of bad online reviews can infest the buy-and-sell extravaganza of high optic cable fibers and cause the price of a commodity stock to plummet in value.

The links between the two are stronger than most people think. There is power in numbers is a truism that is increasingly valid when you connect the integrated dots between consumer reviews and the Gordon Gecko-dealings of the stock exchange.

Professional market professors are put to the task of analyzing the deep links of the two, going over more than 350,000 reviews and comparing it to the sensitive herd-mentality of the inner sanctums of the financial field, and their conclusion has strengthened theories of above all, stock market prices in the effected commodity bearing s strong relation with the general consensus of the online audience.

The links were especially strong when the overall ratings were negative. So corporate suits and CEO:s are paying increasingly closer attention to the Average Joe out there with a broadband connection and an opinion.

And furthermore, research shows that expensive advertisement campaigns can not turn a duck into a swan, but when the jury is still out and verdict is in the balancing scale, it can generate a positive surge and turn a halfway tie into a victory. The psychology between online reviewers and big financial players has also shown bigger similarities than previously believed, as a slight move in one direction can cause a landslide of opinions drift in the same direction, just as moneyed power players all can be inclined to dial-up their personal brokers and start screaming "sell" like it is a spine reflex ingrained in the very structure of what makes us human.

Therefore, there is clear proof on ever-growing ties between the customer and the man on top, 휴대폰소액결제현금화 as direct knowledge of peoples true opinions cannot be suppressed and spun into something that it originally wasn't.

So when you are reading the writings on the great wall of the internet board, depending on what side of the fence you are on it can make you shake in your boots our thank your lucky stars, but the writings all state the same: product reviews are here to stay and their importance just continue to rise.

This article is about the large scale impact of product reviews on big business.