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How did the hydra kill? -

por Florine Musgrove (2019-08-30)

The hydra killed with teeth, poison, or claws.

How do you get hydra fang in AQWorlds?
you have to do the quest or kill the monsters around hydra lake

Dragonfable where to get the hydra sword?
when you kill hydra while coming to flaconreach you get the sword

What eats the hydra?
Nothing eats the Hydra. The monster is killed my Hercules who used a torch and sword to decapitate and kill the Hydra as one of his 12 labors.

Is hydra good or bad?
The hydra of Lernia tried to kill Hercules, who was a good hero. So she was bad.

How do you capture the hydra in adventure quest worlds? can't capture it and the word you mean for capture is actually kill and my answer is if you rename caputure to kill or find i will say just kill by yourself or with a teamate or you can find it at hydra

How the did the hydra become a constellation?
Hera had raised the Lernaean Hydra specifically to kill Heracles. She was upset by its defeat and put it in a place of honor among the stars as the constellation Hydra.

How do you get hydra to go to sleep on poptropica?
you kill it, dummy

What is the function of the hydra budding adult?
to kill hydras.

Do you kill the queen in gears of war 2?
you don`t kill the queen,you only kill skorge and its hydra

What do you need to kill the Hydra?
To kill the Hydra, you would need a sword to decapitate each head, and something burning (like a torch) to burn each stump so it wouldn't grow back.

What headed drangon that Hercules was sent to kill for in his second task?
He was sent to kill the seven headed monster, the hydra.

How do you get the scale from Hdrya in Mytholgy island?
get to Hydra. when its head lunges at you jump on it b4 it hits u kill all heads kilk on hydra 2 get scale

Did Hydra have horns?
because they try to kill with there horns and they did them to keep there heads warm

How do you kill a hydra?
The Hydra was a fearful monster in Greek mythology with many heads. Whenever you cut one off, two more appeared in its place. Destroying the Hydra was one of the twelve labours that Hercules/Heracles was required to perform. To kill the monster, the heads were cut off, then the stumps were burned so that they could not grow back.

Why does the hydra dragon haunt the marshes of Lerna?
By most accounts, Lerna was near one of the entrances to the Underworld and the Hydra was placed to guard it. In later accounts, the Hydra was raised by Hera specifically to kill Heracles, and it's placement was more incidental.

In greek mythology why would it be hard to kill hydra?
For every head cut off, the hydra gows two more. To counteract this, Heracles burned each stump of a head.

How do you kill skorge in gears of war 2?
you have to use your chainsaw bayonet and dodge all of his attacks when you get to the flying hydra part just keep shooting at the hydra and dodge his attacks

How do you get the hydra armor in aq worlds?
just kill hydras it may take awhile though

What is the specail adaptation of hydra?
Hydras hhave cells on the outside of the hydra that are specialized to kill their prey, they have a barbed and coiled thread inside. The outside of the cnidocytes have a trigger hair on them, which releases toxins, fatal to the prey.

How did Hercules kill hydra?
Hercules tried at first to kill the Hydra by cutting off its heads, but that epically failed since two heads grew back when he cut one off. So, Hercules dipped an arrow into a pool of the Hydra's own venom and shot it. The monster soon died.

What is the scientific name for hydra?
Hydra or Hydra

What is the name of serpent with nine heads?
Not a serpent, it's a Hydra. Legend has it that if you cut of one of it's heads, it grows back two more terrifying, isn't it? You can only kill a Hydra by slicing of its' head then burning it.

How does a hydra eat?
Hydra are carnivorous and will eat anything they can manage to catch including single celled animals, small crustaceans, worms, insects, and other tiny animals. They are also reported to eat small fish (fry) in the aquarium. Hydra use their tentacles for catching prey. The tentacles have special cells called nematocysts. To kill their prey, hydra shoot the nematocysts into the prey which paralyzes and kills it.

How do you get the Hydra Blade on AQWorlds?
You get Hydra Blade by killing the Hydra in Hydra Lake (located in CHIRAL VALLEY).

How do you kill the legendary deathclaw in Fallout New Vegas?
use hydra so you are faster than it and shoot it with your best weapon

What monsters did Hercules kill?
During the 12 Labours of Hercules, he killed The Nemean Lion, The Lernean Hydra and The Stymphalian Birds

How do you get a scale from the hydra in poptropica?
You jump on the heads of the Hydra, and run into the Hydra

How do you kill hydra on mythology island?
You have to get to the hydra's cave, and then when one the heads gets a hungry look,jump straight in the will come down on the hydra head,and it will knock out that head.Do this for each head,and then swim under it,and click on the hydra.You will get the scale.

Hercules' wife that drove him mad?
no she didnt but she did unkowningly kill him by puting hydra blood in a so called love p.

Is hydra sessile or non sessile?
a hydra as a polyp is not sessile but when it grows to be a hydra it is sessile

Is hydra a fish?
No a hydra is not a fish. A fish is a vertebrate. A hydra is much more primitive.

What is the hydra mount code for wizard101?
there is no code for the hydra mount you can get it from the hydra hoard pack

What is the locomotion of hydra?
how do hydra move

Does Hydra have choloroplast?
Hydra is an animal. They do not have.

What do you do after you get the hydra fang on aqw?
In hydra -_-

Do hydra have organs?
no,hydra have no organ

Is a hydra onion рулетка a prokaryote or a eukaryote?
Hydra is a eukaryote

Is hydra multicellular?
Yes, Hydra is Multicellular.

Is hydra is real?
Hydra, the creature? Is fictional

How do sea anemones differ from hydra?
what is a hydra

What was hydra greek name?
Lernaean Hydra.

What type of cephalization does a hydra have?
A hydra does not have cephalization.

What makes Hydra?
Cells make Hydra .

What are some different types of hydras?
Hydra 1 /hydra 2 /hydra 3/hydro blast

How is the life cycle of a butterfly different from a hydra?
The life cycles of a butterfly and a hydra cannot be compared because a hydra was a fictional character. A hydra was a monster that had many heads in mythology.

Is a hydra a plant or an animal?
A hydra is an invertebrate animal.

Symmetry of hydra?
Hydra are symmetrical radially from the top

What kind of symmetry does a hydra have?
The Hydra has radial symmetry

Does hydra have a cell wall?
hydra do have a cell wall.

How do you get the hydra sword in AQWorlds?
In hydra Head and you have to be a member.....

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