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A New Way of GST Ready Hotel Invoicing Software

por Monica Swett (2019-08-30)

A user friendly GST ready hotel invoicing software helps the users to understand actual working concept of software. It works fast too. There are several features of such inventory software. Main feature of this software is it supports to open and manage multiple bill records promptly. Simultaneously it helps to save or print out the documents quickly. The users can set different types of invoice templates too to avoid monotonous layout.

The users can generate any invoice and payment receipt and print it for themselves and their guests. It saves your valuable time as it works fast, so that the users get output quickly. Such hotel invoicing software generally has several features such as quick reports daily or weekly basis, add or open multiple bill records, create custom report for every profile, user friendly interface to clear idea that how it works and so on.

The Hotel and Hospitality industry surrounds various POS option such as accommodation, food and beverages and much more. The hotelier must manage this change effectively, so that the implementation of GST in your system has minimum impact on daily activities. According to Indian economy as per room tariff, the GST percentages are divided into four stages. Such as: If the room tariff is less than ₹1000, then 0% GST is applicable, when the room tariff is between ₹1000 and ₹2499 then 12% GST is applicable, when it's between ₹2500 and ₹7499 the 18% GST is applicable and for the room tariff that is more than ₹7500, 28% GST is applicable.

There are some essential characteristics of such hotel accounting software. Security, multi platform adaptability, flexibility and user friendly interface make a software hassle free. The software needs to ensure secure transaction, as one might have to deal with huge amounts of money. The GST offers robustness not only in filing returns, but in ensuring overall data security to the business organizations also. This software has been enabled to function well on multiple platforms. The user can access from the PCs, laptops and even smartphones by browsing easily. The ERP systems are being used by several businesses right now. Such software should be flexible enough to integrate well with the existing system and offer a seamless experience to the users therefore. A GST ready hotel invoicing software should offer a simple user interface. It generates GST ready invoices and 소액결제현금 bills automatically.

GoFinix is the product that offers a GST ready hotel invoicing software all over India. It helps the users to accumulate all detailing of their hotels in one platform along with generating the GST ready invoices automatically. It's a breakthrough beginning for the hotel owners and users for starting their business activities via internet.