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How do sea anemones differ from hydra? -

por Gennie Courts (2019-08-31)

what is a hydra

What are examples of cnidarian?
Jellyfish, hydra, corals & sea anemones.

Example of phylum cnidaria?
sea anemones, corals, hydra, jellyfish

What are example of coelenterata?
sea anemones, hydra, corals, jelly fish

What animals are in the phylum Cnidaria?
Hydra , jelly fish , corals , sea anemones .

What is the difference between an amoeba and a hydra?
An ameoba is a microscopic, blob-like protist, while a hydra is like coral or sea anemones.

What phylum of animal has radial symmetry-?
Cnidaria (Hydra, jellyfish, sea anemones, corals, etc.), generally have radial symmetry, although not all sea anemones or corals do. Echinodermata.

Give an example of a cnidarian as a coral seafan or an anemone?
jelly fish,hydra and sea anemones

What phylum of animal has radial symmetry?
Cnidaria (Hydra, jellyfish, sea anemones, corals, etc.), generally have radial symmetry, although not all sea anemones or corals do. Echinodermata (sea stars, sea urchins, crinoids, sea cucumbers, etc.) are radially symmetrical as adults, but not as larvae.

A stinging cell in the hydra?
Stinging cells are called cnidocytes, as in all members of the Cnidarians which includes jellyfish, sea anemones, and corals.

Is there a plant called anenome?
Anemones are animals, not plants, see below, taken from wikipedia Sea anemones are a group of water-dwelling, predatory animals of the order Actiniaria; they are named after the anemone, a terrestrial flower. Sea anemones are classified in the phylumCnidaria, class Anthozoa, subclass Zoantharia.[1] Anthozoa often have large polyps that allow for digestion of larger prey and also lack a medusa stage.[2] As cnidarians, sea anemones are closely related to corals, jellyfish, tube-dwelling anemones, and Hydra.

Where can you find sea anemones?
You can find sea anemones on the bottom of the Sea. Sea anemones stay in one stop there hole life.

Do sea anemones have eyes?
No, sea anemones do not have eyes.

Do sea anemones have shells?
sea anemones do not have shells !

What are similarities and differences between sea anemone and hydra?
Sea anemones are plants that sting you when you touch them and hydras are a minute freshwater coelenterate with a stalklike tubular body and a ring of tentacles around the mouth.

What plants are included as sea anemones?
Sea anemones are not plants.

Are sea anemones consumers?
Sea anemones are consumers yes.

How are coral and sea anemones related?
Sea anemones are a kind of corals.

Are sea anemones herbivores carnivores or omnivores?
Sea anemones are carnivores

What kind of symmetry do sea anemones have?
Sea Anemones have radial symmetry

Do sea anemones eat humans?
No, sea anemones do not eat humans.

What kind of skeletons do sea anemones have?
Sea anemones have a hydrostatic skeleton.

What are the examples of diploblastic animals?
Examples for diploblastic animals are the following: The members of phylum: cnidarians and phylum ctenophore are diploblastic Cnidarians include hydra, jellyfishes, corals, sea pen, sea fan, когда заработает гидра онион sea anemones, obelia, physalia, etc.

Do sea anemones live alone or in groups?
sea anemones live in groups

Do sea anemones have a nerve net?
yes sea anemones have a nerve net.

How old can sea anemones get?
Some sea anemones get to be 100 years old.

Do sea anemones have radial or bilateral symmetry?
Sea anemones have radial symmetry.

Do cnidaria have coelom?
A coelom is defined as a body cavity or area around the gut, so therefore no. Cnidaria such as jellyfish, hydra, coral, and sea anemones do not have a coelom or body cavity

Does sea anemones have segmented bodies?
Sea anemones can have segmented bodies. It depends on the species of sea anemone.

Are sea anemones dangerous?
Sea anemones can be dangerous depending on their sizes and their level of toxic.

Do butterfly fish eat sea anemones?
Yes, butterfly fish will eat sea anemones.

What is the genus and species of Sea Anemones?
There are 46 different families of the order Actiniaria (sea anemones)

How do sea anemones reproduce?
Sea anemones reproduce asexually by slowly pulling themselves in half.

What are some examples of a coelenterates?
jellyfish, sea anemones, sea pens, anemones, corals, and hydras

Are sea anemones mollusks?
Sea Anemones are not mollusks they are Cnidarians and are related to coral polyps and jellyfish.

What type of climate do sea anemones live in?
sea anemones live in places with cold water

What are sea anemone?
Sea anemones

What are parasites of sea anemones?
Many species of wentletrap sea snails attack sea anemones. Some species swallow small and juvenile sea anemones whole, while others apparently nibble on tentacles and tissues of large sea anemones. Many sea slugs that prey on sea anemones, such as the rainbow nudibranch, Dendronotus iris, do not kill their prey, but merely shear off a few tentacles with each attack.

What eats Sea Anemones?
sea slugs will eat tube anemones, if they are quick enough to get the anemone before it pulls into its tube. See footage from the Monterey Bay Aquarium ( nothing eats sea anemones

Do sea urchins eat sea anemones?
No They Probably wouldn't because the sea urchin would prick the sea anemones i believe a sea anemone would sting it with its stingers on the end of its tentacles also some could just swim away and sea urchins are i believe among sea anemones

What groups do sea anemones coral and jellyfish belong to?
Sea anemones, coral and jelly fish belong to the group of Cnidarians.

Are sea anemones alive?
yes sea anemones are in fact alive with there appearence they may not look it but they are very much alive

What organs do sea anemones use to digest its food?
Sea anemones digest food in their simple, blind ended gut.

What are the predators of sea snails?
Octopuses, Sea Anemones

Is a sea anemone an omnivore?
Sea anemones are carnivores.

Secondary consumers in coral reefs?
StarFish , Sea Urchins , Anemones StarFish , Sea Urchins , Anemones StarFish , Sea Urchins , Anemones edit--That is incorrect. I know that only because sea urchins are actuallly primary consumers. I don't know about the rest of the answers.

Where do sea anemones eat there food?
Sea anemones eat fish whole and where they caught it. Kinda like jellyfish, but ancored to a rock

What is a fact about sea anemones?
Clownfish can hide from Predators in Sea Anemones and can't be stung because thy are covered with a layer of mucas.

Can seahorses and sea anemones live together?
While seahorses and sea anemones live together in the wild, it is difficult to keep them together in an aquarium because anemones sting and seahorses can be killed or injured by them.

What is a predatory marine creature beginning with 'sea'?
sea anemones

What kind of fish do sea anemones eat?
Sea anemones are known for eating a wide variety of different fish and sea life. These include krill, shrimp, and tangs.

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