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Is food like the Americans' food

por Cora Conti (2019-08-31)

Food IS food.

What do Americans like about spanish food?
It has a different taste to the American food

What kinds of food do they eat in Denmark?
In Denmark they eat Danish and mash potato and they eat junk food like Americans and have the exact same food as Americans as well

What special meals do Americans like to eat on Christmas day?
Food!;) americans are diverse with there meals

What should you bake your boyfriends family for Christmas?
Bake them food from their culture like if there American bake them the natural food Americans eat or bake them food they like . Like if they like mashed potatoes make them that

What food do African-Americans like?
Since African-Americans are very diverse, they eat a diverse diet like other Americans. There is no "African-American" diet, just like there isn't a "white American diet."

What does Native Americans food taste like?
It tastes just like any other food you've ever tried in your life. Just.. Not as spicy.

What are the favorite foods of Russians?
That depends. Not all Russians like the same food. Just like Americans.

What was mission life like for the native Americans in mission san Luis obispo?
The Missionaries lured the Native Americans with gifts and food

What do most African-Americans eat?
Most African Americans eat food of their region and area, and food they've grown to love just like most Americans do. However, there are always those who may have eating disorders and refuse to eat anything.

Do most Americans like Mexican food?
Yes. Mexican food ranks as one of the most liked, besides Italian, Sushi or Thai.

Why did Native Americans hunt in the fall and winter?
Because they needed food to supplement stored food sources. They don't have supermarkets like we do today.

Does African American people like Mexican food?
Absolutely. And they like Indian food, Chinese food, and even Kosher (Jewish) food. African-Americans come from a wide range of backgrounds, and as a result, they do not all like the same things. But since Americans live in a pluralistic country where many different kinds of foods are available, many African-Americans become fond of very diverse cuisines. If you are asking because you have a black friend or colleague and want to know if he...

What relationship did Native Americans have with New York?
because New York give them food and the native Americans give them animals like hoeses and other thing .

How many person like eating fast food?
There are so many people who like eating fast food. According to the statistics in 2013, at least 25% of Americans eat fast food every given day. Most people enjoy fast food.

What percentage of Americans eat fast food?
47 percent of Americans eat fast food on a regular basis. About 76 percent of Americans acknowledge that fast food is not healthy.

How much processed food do Americans eat?
Americans eat 31% more packaged food than fresh food.

Do Jewish Americans eat food?
Yes. Otherwise they would starve, just like all other humans.

What is New Zealand similar to America?
We have same fast food places and slowly becoming fat like americans

What do Americans like to eat?
Americans like to eat many, many different kinds of food as there are many kinds of food to choose from here. Different parts of the country eat different types of food and more often than not, the way a dish is prepared is dependent upon multiple factors including which part of the country the preparer is from. Everyone is different; some like fish, some hate fish, some enjoy peanut butter and some think it's disgusting...

Do haitians like Americans?
yes, they like americans but not like americans

What kind of food did the native Americans eat?
the kind of food the native Americans ate were corn, squish.

How did the native Americans prepare their food?
americans prepared food with utencials and and all sorts of other equipment .

Why lots of people from North Americans don't like Asian food and they somehow are afraid of it?
Because they are used to fast food. A lot of Asian food look different and is sea food. They're afraid it has Salmonella poisoning or something.

Did the Native Americans like their lives at the santa Barbara mission?
yes cause the mission provided many thing and food for them

How much money do Americans spend on healthy food a year?
Americans spend about 2,000,000 on food a year!! :P

What types of foods do Americans like to eat?
American food consists of foods from various different cultures, so there are many types of food that American like to eat. It would take forever to list every single meal.

What food do people in Romania eat?
Romanians eat things that Americans eat. Many of them like foods like meat stuffed cabbage. Nothing different from us.

How is Italian food prepared?
how we Americans prepare our food

What percentage of Americans eats fast food daily?
Everyday 1 in 4 Americans eat a fast food meal.

Do Americans like Japanese food better or Chinese food better?
This is a question of personal preference and there is no clear information on which one Americans prefer overall. Chinese food is consumed at a much higher rate than Japanese food in the United States, but it is likely that this comes from the fact that Chinese food is much less expensive than Japanese food and, therefore, much easier for 카지노사이트검증사이트 people to afford to eat than any question of flavor preference.

What do Native American hunt for?
Well the native Americans hunt for food such as fruits and animals so they are a bit like hunter gatherers

How do they eat food in Germany?
over in Germany they eat just like Americans only they have different ways of saying/showing they are finished. (I would know, I'm German, my mom's German, and my Oma visited from Germany). there's not much difference. except we have better food then Americans ;D

What percent of Americans eat locally?
The percent of Americans who eat locally grown food is not known. Most people seem to just go to the grocery store to get their food, although in the past few years it does seem like more and more people are visiting their local farmers markets.

Do Americans like cupcakes?
That is a horrible question to ask. You shouldn't ask people if they like a type of food just because they're from a certain country or state. Infact, that is a very racis- like thing to even say. That's like asking someone that's Chinese if they like Chinese food. Plus, you normally wouldn't see someone refering to people as the "Chinese', "asians", Americans, or whatever else you can come up with just because they're from...

What food do they have at a Quinceanera?
mexicano food duhh haha lols you always have to have Mexican food I know that but what types would you serve if you had white people that don't like spice foods, and African Americans that don't eat certain stuff

What types of food did people in the southern colonies grow?
I am from KY and we grew a lot of tobacco. Also, I think cotton, possibly peanuts and of course food like corn and squash from the Native Americans.

How did most Native Americans living on the east coast of America obtain their food?
They planted crops such as corn, pumpkins and potatoes. They ate berries. And they also hunted for food like deer and fished.

How did the native Americans use the land?
The native Americans used the land by planting crops like corn. They also used the land by cutting down trees, building homes, and foraging for food from native plants.

What is the most eaten food by Americans?
Probably Fast Food

What happened to the Native Americans food sources when the settlers arrived?
becuasee i kewl like thatt and u can do anythinqq boutt itt bicthesss.

What did the Native of Americans follow to come to America?
because it is a free country like on slavery ------------ They likely followed the food, the animals and they brought slavery with them.

What did the first Americans use the woolly mammoths for?
pretty much anything you can think of including like food and clothing and many other things

What is the Climate like for the native Americans of the south west?
Hot , harsh , and very hard to live in. The Native's depended on the source of water and food that they had .

Do Americans eat for survival or recreation?
Some Americans can afford food that they waste but many Americans are living below the poverty line. And everyone needs to eat a certain amount of food for survival.

What is the most important food crop grown by the first Americans?
corn and/or maize was the most important food crop fir the early Americans

Why did Smith say the Native Americans brought food to the starving colonists?
Why did Smith say the Native Americans brought food to the starving colonists?

What were Native Americans that constantly moved around in search of food considered?
They were considered: Native Americans that constantly moved around in search of food.

What are two ways the native americans got food?
Native Americans got their foods by either hunting animals or growing their own food.

How much European food do Americans eat smariaz?
I cannot answer this question correctly. Some Americans eat more European food that others.

What do Cuban Americans eat?
Food. Americans of all ethnic origins do, as well.

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