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It is very common to see ready-mix concrete dispensers near construction work sites

por Moises Croft (2019-09-04)

It is very common to see ready-mix concrete dispensers near construction work sites. Yet not many people know what exactly ready-mix concrete is. While the name itself can be understood to mean concrete which can be used straight out of the dispenser without mixing, it is only a small part of what it truly is.

What is RMC?

Ready-mix concrete or RMC is a construction material which is composed of water, air, 소액결제현금 admixture and cement combined with fine aggregates like sand and coarse aggregates like gravel, crushed stone etc. These are mixed in different proportions to get RMCs of varied strengths, density, chemical and thermal properties, based on the requirement of the construction worksite. This is then delivered to the customer's worksite in an unhardened and freshly mixed state.

RMC benefits

There are several benefits attached to the use of the Ready Mix Concrete. These benefits pertain to:

Cost reduction and time saving:Reduction in the working cost is achieved by:

Reduction in the wastage of materials due to the accuracy of the ratios in which its components are mixed,

Lowered labour costs since requirement of manual labour is very high when concrete is mixed at the worksite by them and

Storage costs become greatly reduced since this type of concrete does not require the storage of cement, sand, gravel etc.

Quality assurance: Since state of the art machinery is used in the mixing and manufacturing of Ready Mix Concrete Gurgaon and elsewhere too, quality control becomes easy.

Environment friendly: The manual mixing of concrete at the construction work site gives rise to clouds of dust and also an increase in the electrical consumption. This can be greatly reduced by the use of this ready-mix concrete. Walls made of this concrete are also not affected by fluctuations in temperatures. This leads to a reduction in the use of HVACs systems thus reducing the emission of harmful gasses thereby saving the environment from further harm.

Maintenance costs reduced: Structures made from this Ready Mix Concrete Delhi NCR and across other states of India, are durable enough to stand the ravages of weather and climate through the years. Nor are termites, moulds or moisture able to cause it any harm. In fact it is said that the strength of this concrete only increases over the years giving structures made from this concrete an advantage over other building materials. Thus maintenance of these concrete structures reduces over years of use.

Locally available raw materials used: Almost all materials used in the manufacture of this concrete is locally available thus it reduces the transportation costs. This also tends to reduce the cost of RMC, thereby making it extremely suitable for construction purposes.

This mixture gives value for money since the whole process is done at the ready-mix concrete plants under sustained maintenance of accuracy of the ratio and proportion of the materials used. This has accounted for its immense popularity in the past decade or so and its popularity continues to grow.

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