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Do Facebook games give your computer Facebook

por Preston Calabrese (2019-09-05)

You can only play Facebook games if you have a Facebook account. :)

Is Facebook a computer application?
No facebook is not a computer application. Facebook is a specific wesbite on the Interent. A computer application example would be Microsoft Office, Word, Excell, Games that have to be added to the computer like Grand Theft Auto, Mystery Games, Kid Games that have disks to insert.

Which games give Facebook credits?
Games give you Facebook credits but you need to buy them. Actually some games do give you credits like car town and happy animals.

Does going on Facebook give virus's?
Facebook its self does not give any computer a virus, but phishing spammers do, so be careful! Another answer: Facebook, gives a few viruses (often) but not as bad as any other chatting websites. It doesn't give TERRIBLE viruses however, but I know it gives viruses because my computer virus detector thingy mibob says the viruses facebook gives, but it's not bad actually. (:

Minimum system requirements for Facebook games?
Latest version of Flash. A computer.

What are some addicting websites or computer games?
well facebook is really addicting

Why will your games not play on Facebook?
It could be because the application is not working at the moment, or it could be that you do not have the required software on your computer to play the game on Facebook.

Why is Facebook so slow?
Don't blame your computer Blame the facebook staff I have the same problem too Facebook has many many problems You need to give it time Remember facebook is viral. LOTS of people r on it causing the website 2 be slower. Give it time and patience the facebook staff is working on it. If u have consernes message the facebook staff.

Does YoVille give your computer virus?
Facebook is a virus free social network, so of course yoville wont give you a virus.

What effect does your facebook friends have on your computers backup drive?
None, unless you back up your facebook contacts list to your backup drive or they give you a computer virus.

Does Twitter MySpace Facebook Bebo give your computer viruses?
Twitter doesn't give any viruses as long as you're careful, facebook is awesome and it doesn't, but Myspace and Bebo gives viruses so becareful.

Does Facebook make social networking software to download and play games?
Yes, there are many games available on Facebook, some you download and others you play via Facebook. Be careful with downloads, make sure you have virus protection on your computer before downloading anything.

Is there anything to do on the computer that's fun?
games things like facebook msn, talking to freinds..? internet games...tetris? lol

Where can you play online computer games for free?
There are various free game sites available for one to play. Facebook has a collection of free computer games as well as sites like addictinggames and others.

How do you get a cheat on Facebook?
no, but you can hack games on it to give yourself money. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS IT IS ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL.

Is there an kids computer games that don't give computers viruses?
yes, there are lots of games that dont give viruses

Where can one find free puzzle games for a computer?
There are many places a person may find free puzzle games for the computer. First, most computer operating systems are already installed with free puzzle games, such as minesweeper. Online, places like Popcap, Facebook, and Addicting Games offer free puzzle games.

How do you transfer photos from your computer to Facebook?
how to transfer photo's from computer to Facebook

What Facebook Games Give You Free Credits?
all of the playfish games give out credits, but you have to play them for a while. i got 25 credits, but my friends got 10 and 15 credits.

Does saving games give your computer or laptop virus?
Yes , if you are playing for example minecraft or poptropica it will definetly give your computer viruses!

Does playing games in your computer give you viruses?
It depends what game it is. Some games can give your computers viruses so yes they do.

What is a social plugin of facebook?
they are bad they give your computer a viruses and send it to all your friends if you click it so don't click it

What is a computer good for?
Everything, looking things up for homework or a project, chatting with friends on facebook or My Space or something, playing games on poptropica or clubpenguin. You name it you can do it on a computer.

What are three ways you can use your computer?
Homework, games, movies, surfing the web, music, skype, facebook, twitter, 파워볼사이트 etc...

Does Facebook have games?
Facebook itself does not produce games. However, Facebook hosts 'applications', many of which are games.

What is the code for Facebook they give you for your email?
give me a facebook

How do you get your songs on your iPod back in itunes when your computer has broken?
buy a new one or give it to me im shantia . my emial is: or on facebook which is what im mainly on Emial me on facebook cause im mostly on facebook all the time.

Can you get Facebook games without having Facebook?
No, you cannot. The games are an application you must have a facebook to play. You have to rely on friends on Facebook to play the games when you get stuck.

Facebook now says its a restricted site on your private computer and that your computer has a virus How do access facebook now?
use another computer

When do you use computer?
Well I use mine every day for homework/job applications/games/youtube/facebook/and other stuff

Why is a computer the best friend of boys?
A computer is the best friend for boys because of many websites like: Myspace Facebook Tagged A computer also has many online games that a boy would like to play like counter strike or World of Warcraft. These games are pretty addicting.

Why does your facebook password not work on your computer?
First facebook admin block your account for any reason. Second one of your friend know your password and mail address or you give to him for any kind of update. He/She changed your password.

How do you give a million Facebook notifications to someone?
Go on loads of games where you can send gifts to people and give them loads of gifts. Also like EVERYTHING they post or do.

Does bebo and facebook bring in virus'?
Neither site brings a virus to any computer, but spammers and phishers do who use the site to give out virus'

Is there a hack for Total Domination Nuclear Strategy on Facebook?
Beware of anyone offering a hack. They are often seeking access to your computer and will give you a virus.

Can someone with no computer experience start out with facebook?
Anyone can use Facebook. Facebook is extremely user friendly. Even those with no computer experience can navigate around facebook with with little or no assistance required.

Can you play games in Facebook?
yes i can play games in facebook.

Can you give me a sentence for the word computer?
A computer can cost a lot of money. Please type your essays on the computer then print them out. Lucy loves to play games on the computer.

Are the games on facebook bad for your computer?
Yes it slows your computer down, but not only dose it do that it opens the door for viruses and scammers. It also opens the door for spyware, which takes your info and sends it to someone.

Why does my computer fan keep running when you play games like miniclip 8 ball pool on facebook is it ok to have the fan on and is it safe?
When playing on the computer the fan should keep on so it does not over heat. It is safe for the computer fan to be on.

Can you get computer a computer virus from games?
Games purchased legally will not give you a virus. Unless you download a "patch" or update or content from a suspicious source. Games downloaded illegally may or may not give you a virus. Luck of the draw. Always exercise discretion when downloading executable files.

Why doesn't my Facebook remember me?
Your facebook account should remember you as long as you were using the same computer and computer account. You may have been using a different computer account or different computer all together. If this persists, contact the facebook team and notify them of this problem.

How do you upload pictures from your camera to Facebook?
Usually you have to save the pictures to your computer and then log on to facebook. Look under your pictures on facebook and "create album". You can then browse for pictures on your computer.

The best computer games online?
There are many computer games online and there is a lot of discussion on the best computer game online. The answer to this question is really a personal opinion and can differ from person to person. However, an answer is still possible. First of all we should divide the free online computer games and the computer games one must pay for in order to play. The most famous free computer games online: - Runescape...

How do you take pictures off MySpace and put them on Facebook?
By adding the Myspace picture to your computer, and then uploading the picture from your computer to Facebook.

Give the question paper of class 7? do you play computer games

Can you have two Facebook accounts on one computer?
Yes, you can have more than one Facebook account from a computer. However, you can only have one Facebook account per email address.

How can i used Facebook in my computer only?
when i was felling boor that time i like to used facebook but it's block from the main serber so in this case how can i use facebook only in my computer.

Why are people obsesed with Facebook?
U also might be obsessed with something other than facebook, like i am really obsessed with playing computer games, ps3, xbox360, etc.... Each person might have his own obsession. The fact that more amount of people are obsessed with facebook is that it provides many features, not that i am towards or against facebook.....:-)

Why do kids play on Facebook?
facebook has alot of games kids like games

How do you send your myspace pictures to your Facebook?
If you save them to your computer you can upload them to your facebook.

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