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How do you clams digest food

por Lionel Marvin (2019-09-07)

They digest food from the food grooves of the gill They digest food from the food grooves of the gill

What is the job of the clams intestine?
to digest food!

share: How do freshwater clams digest food?
Freshwater clams digest food threw grooves in there gills. After it is digested it is brung threw the body of the clam, putting vitamins and other nutritious food threw the body.

share: Do clams have digestive systems?
Quite likely, otherwise, how would they digest their food?

share: How do clams digest?
They digest through the grooves in their gills. Then they bring the food in through thr radula to their mouth. The food then goes to the digestive gland and to the intestine. Finally, the waste leaves through the anus.

share: A favorite food of sea stars?
They eat clams, muscles, and oysters by inserting their stomach in to the shells and digest their food on the spot. Sea stars also like plankton

share: How long does it take to digest clams?
Same as every other food eaten, roughly 8-12 hours depending on individual metabolism.

share: Fungi typically digest their food?
Yes fungi do digest their food but unlike animals that eat then digest, fungi must digest their food then "eat" it.

share: Do flatworms digest food?
Yes they do digest food.

share: Can a flatworm digest food?
Yes, they can digest food.

share: What is the other name for spit that digest your food?
Actually, it realy does not digest your food, it just help digest our food. Its SALAIVA

share: How do tapeworms digest their food?
they digest food because of no gut

share: Do reptiles digest their food?
yes reptiles do digest food

share: Do snails digest their food?
Yes, snails do digest their food.

share: Where do protazoas digest food?
they digest food through there nose

share: How do echinoderms digest their food?
The enzymes help digest food

share: Which component of the food does the bile digest?
It digest fats from the food

share: Can a mushroom digest its food?
no it cant digest its own food

share: Can clams live without food?
No, without food clams can't live. Clams swallow the waters and then eat the food out of the water. Just don't put trash in the water because if it swallows trash may go into ot and 바카라사이트 destroy them.

share: How do clams consume food?
clams filter their food through siphons, eating whatever plankton or marine snow that drifts their way.

share: How do porifera obtain and digest food?
They digest food intracellularly within a food vacuaole.

share: How do Giraffes digest their food?
Giraffes digest their food by swallowing stones, which then grind up the food in their stomach. Giraffes digest their food by swallowing stones, which then grind up the food in their stomach.

share: How do dogs digest their food?
dogs digest their food same as humans

share: How does a saprophyte digest its food?
basically acids digest food in our stomach

share: How does your muscles help to digest your food in the stomach?
How does your muscles help to digest your food in the stomach? Well your muscles can't digest your food but it can help you carry the food through out your body.

share: Do clams breathe?
Yes, clams do breathe. The clam sticks the ends of its siphons out from in between the shell. Clams also take in food this way.

share: How do squids digest their food?
squids digest their food the same way fish do

share: Why are cheek cells important?
helps digest food helps digest food

share: How does a human digest food?
humans use stomach acid to digest the food

share: Why do we have to digest food?
we have to digest our food because then we will get our energy from it and will pump our bodys blood

share: How does the scarlet macaw digest food?
they use digestive juices to digest the food

share: How do bald eagles digest food?
Giraffe digest their food by swallowing stones

share: Can you eat giant clams?
Yes, Giant clams (Tridacna) are a staple food for millions of people.

share: How do clams get their food?
Most clams filter the water and eat the small floating particles of alge.

share: Can clams eat hermit crab food?
Yes, they love it. Clams are also good to eat! ^_^

share: What does the soft shell clam eat?
Soft shell clams do not look for food. They filter their food out of the water. Soft shell clams are filter feeders.

share: Are clams scavengers?
Clams are considered scavengers of the sea. They are also food for other fish and animals, including humans. Clams are part of the mollusk family.

share: How fast can athletes digest food?
It takes an athlete about an hour to digest food. Depending on the type of food they eat it can take longer if the food has a large amount of fat while food with less fat is easier to digest.

share: Do taste buds digest food?
No, taste buds do not digest food, your stomach acids do.

share: How do chickens digest their food?
they digest theier food by swallowing it and then in a matter of hours it will be digested

share: How does the pharynx digest food?
The pharynx does not digest food. It is passage way to the stomach and to the lungs.

share: How do single celled organisms digest food?
They digest their food within their body cells.

share: How long do sloths take to digest their food?
It can take about a month for a sloth to digest food.

share: How does red algae digest food?
red algae does not eat so it can not digest food

share: How do spiders digest food?
The way spiders digest their food well they make their webs out of it

share: Is it possible to digest food that you have just eaten?
Food takes about 1 hour to digest.

share: How do snakes digest food?
snakes have stomach acids that break down and digest the food

share: How do volvox digest food?
They don't, they use photosynthesis, and so they don't have to digest food

share: Why do you digest your food?
You digest your food so that your body can absorb all the nutrients in the food and poo wee wee

share: How does paramecium digest food?
The food will be encapsulated in an organelle called a digestive vacuole, in which digestive enzymes will digest the food.

share: Are clams producers?
No. Clams Clams are consumers. A producer makes its own food from sunlight, like plants. A consumer eats other things, like animals.

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