The Nursing in the Humanization of the Attendance in Unit of Intensive Therapy – Sistematic Literature Review

Nanci Pastor, Isabel cf da Cruz


This study it searchs to establish a reflection on the humanization of the assistance given to the criticamente ill customer. The nursing in the humanization of the attendance in Unit of Intensive Therapy contributes for a new boarding of the area of health, that tends if to not only worry about the curativas actions, but over all with the preventive and reabilitadoras that guide the customer in this period of life, promoting an improvement of the nature human being and the welfare state. For the collection of data 20 articles concerning the thematic one had been selected. With the analysis of the data, three main aspects had emerged that had given sensible the thematic one: Nursing; Humanization and UTI. In function of the negative effect and estressores of the environment of intensive therapy on the patient, the family and the multiprofessional team, a series of studies is turned toward the humanization necessity of the services that use high technology, since the mechanization of the attendance can hinder the development of the critical and reflexiva capacity professional them of health, over all of the nursing.


Key- Words: nursing, humanization of Assistance; Intensive Care Units

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