Guidelines for Evidence-Based Practice on Nursing Intervention in Support of Mourning Process in ICU - Systematized Literature Review

Caroline Carvalho Borges Osorio, Isabel Cristina Fonseca da Cruz


Analyze scientific productions about nursing and the process of death and dying in the context of the Intensive Care Unit. Method: Integrative bibliographic research, based on 10 scientific articles published between 2010 and 2016, in the libraries of the SciELO and VHL systems, in the databases LILACS and BDENF. The publications brought questions related to the nurse and his experience in the ICU when the death of patients becomes a reality and the way of coping with this process, that is, the support to the process of mourning in this space. Conclusion: Nurses who work directly in the Intensive Care Unit experience the death of the patients, and go through the process of mourning; however, death, dying and postmortem, being mourning, are not subjects discussed in the training, which needs to be rethought. As well as, the care offered to the nurse intensivist in its process of mourning also stands out.


Nursing; Mourning; Intensive Care Unit.

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