Evidence-based nursing practice on recovery after cardiac surgery in ICU - Systematized Literature Review

Isabella Almeida d' Acampora, Isabel CF da Cruz


Patients undergoing cardiac surgeries after the postoperative observation period go to the ICU to restore their physical, mental and vital capacities. In addition to performing direct care, the nurse must create effective communication mechanisms with the patient and his family. The aim of this study is to review evidence-based nursing guidelines that will assist the intensive care nurse in identifying nursing care diagnoses and prescriptions to achieve the outcome of recovery after cardiac surgery over time. 7 days. The methodology used was exploratory and descriptive based on Systematic Literature Review. Data were collected from March to August 2019 in the SciELO library and in the LILACS and BDENF databases, using the Boolean operator AND in the double and triple association. of the descriptors. The results found 10 articles pertinent to the subject and organized according to the citations throughout the study. In the discussions it was evidenced that the nurse needs to have as much information as possible about the patient who will admit and elaborate the real and risk diagnoses developing prescriptions and nursing interventions for such diagnoses. It is concluded that all conduct, not only of nursing, but of the entire multidisciplinary team, helps to reduce the length of stay and humanized care promotes the safety and comfort of both patients and their families.

Keywords: Intensive Care Units; Nursing; Cardiac Surgery.


Nursing; intensive care units; cardiac surgery

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URN: http://www.jsncare.uff.br/index.php/jsncareurn:nbn:de:1983-4152jsncare.v12i1.33024

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