Nurses' knowledge of chest drainage management: An integrative review

Paula Gomes Queiroz, Isabel F Cruz



Objective: To explore the contact and knowledge about the care of chest drains among nurses. Methodology: In this study, an integrative review was carried out, using the combination of the components of the PICO strategy for the bibliographic search that was carried out in the Science Direct and Google Scholar databases, with the descriptors "nurse" AND "chest drain " OR " chest tube. As selection criteria, articles from 2013 to 2021 published in nursing journals were applied. Results: According to the articles found, attentive and specialized care is essential in the prevention of serious complications in patients with chest tube and drainage system, as well as the need for quality technical knowledge in the management of the chest tube.Conclusion: this study sought to highlight the importance of nurses' clinical judgment based on scientific evidence, allowing for safe and effective nursing care.

Keywords: Nursing; Thoracic Cavity; Thoracic Surgical Procedures; Chest Tubes


Nursing; Thoracic Cavity; Thoracic Surgical Procedures; Chest Tubes

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