The client under the pulmonary ventilator - evidenced based nursing practice

Lúcia Helena Jorge, Isabel CF da Cruz


Ventilation Mechanics is a method used with the purpose to optimize the gaseous exchange to the measure that keeps the alveolar ventilation and the administration of oxygen. Conditions as toracic or abdominal surgery, DPOC, multiple trauma, shock and eat can take to the respiratory insufficience and the necessity of ventilation mechanics. Due to gravity of the condition of the client and to the highly complex nature and technique of the ventilation mechanics, innumerable problems or complications can occur. The specific prescriptions used by the nurse are determined by the underlying pathological process and the reply of the customer. The employed care of nursing to the client with ventilated requires abilities experienced interpersonal techniques and. The objective Of the present study was to make a accurate bibliographical research, of publications of nursing, the period of 2002 the 2007, Brazilian and foreign articles approaching the nursing prescriptions excused to the submitted customers to the use of mechanical fans, as well as correlating them it the cares of nursing based on scientific evidences to the customer of high complexity. The research was computerized, using the databases. Research had been identified in literature that describes complications related to the ventilation mechanics, as the accidental extubação, which mentions the inadvertent removal of a endotraqueal pipe or traqueostomia to it. On the other hand, studies only demonstrate that a strategy undertaken in the intensive therapy of excellent effectiveness in the prevention of such premature removal consists of the explanation to the customer and the family the purpose of the pipe, objectifying a personal interaction as measured of comfort and, as last resource, the use of soft containments of fist. Ahead of the displayed one in the study, it is concluded that still it has of if organizing new nursing prescriptions, connecting them in the existing and new technologies, to be able to apply them in regular way, aiming at to decide the problem.


Pulmonary Ventilator; nursing

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