Conduct of nursing front the client bearer of Hospitalized Heart Failure: Sistematic Literature Review

Felipe do Cabo Silva, Isabel CF da Cruz


Currently, we know that heart failure is a major cardiovascular complication come to affect mainly the older population due to its high incidence and prevalence. In that sense, the carriers of this condition require different nursing care in order to avoid relapses and constant hospitalization. The proposed objectives for this study was to identify key actions of nursing practiced by the nurse during the processing of customer bearer of heart failure hospitalized and describe the importance of the role of nurses in the process of rehabilitation of this clientele. Customers people with heart failure still need care focused mainly on education in health information and to practice self. It is the nurse proposes actions systematized with this type of customer, leading to its understanding of disease and minimizing the tables of decompensate.


Heart Failure; Nursing; Nursing Care.

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