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The country house genre: quite simply, this literary genre places the nation house within the main narrative being an essential piece of subject matter. Grand as it is, the castle is simply the starting point - there is also a good attendant gate lodge, garden holiday cottage and walled garden, coach home and stable block, all inside 310 acres of rolling Southern Ayrshire countryside that encompass a lengthy stretch of the River Doon. This kind of country estates or ‘Big Houses' as owned by the Naylors plus their class (which class integrated Bowen's own family with their house known as Bowen's Court)had flourished throughout Ireland in europe since the mid-eighteenth century, built with the simple profits that came of cheap property and cheap labor, making them the potent symbol of English exploitation and an easy target for the rebels who burned down, blew upward, or otherwise destroyed more than 275 of these in the years between 1920-1923. The first of six incarnations associated

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