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Gary Cameron Noris is a 88-year-old former government political leader who delights in baking, running and checking out. He is brilliant and giving, but can likewise be very unkind and a bit boring. He is a Canadian Christian who specifies himself as directly. He started studying philosophy, politics and economics at college but never completed the course. Physically, Gary remains in respectable shape. He is average-height with pale skin, black hair and blue eyes. He has a mole on his best cheek. He grew up in a working class area. He was raised in a delighted family home with 2 caring parents. He is currently single. His latest love was with a journalist called Vivien Tori Dixon, who was 15 years older than him. They separated because Vivien felt threatened by Gary's intelligence. Gary has two children with ex-girlfriend Vivien: Simone aged 59 and Tommie aged 62. Gary's best friend is a previous government politician called Penda Hammond. They are inseparable. They take

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