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All of us sailed from Marseille on a Mediterranean sea cruise with Celebrity, on the Centuries. Of course many years ago the French Riviera Property Market was marketed towards the Wealthy Jet setters however the France Riviera Property Market although have not and never will loose its U ne sais quoi” has now developed affordable Property Investment Opportunities that may give great returns, and a growing rise in capital appreciation of in between 3 - 6% per Annum. The 4 of us walked from the hostel towards the train station to figure out the plans during the day. One of the restaurants we went because is near Hotel De Paris, france and the casino. Featuring a garden, private swimming pool and pool views, LA CABANOSTRA is located in Marseille. Located in the Hotel The Mas Candille in Mougins, Health spa Candille Introduced Two exclusive hot tub treatments in 2010, the Yutaka Practice (2 hours, 210 for each person) and The Ultimate Zen Candille Treatment (1 hour 30 minutes, one

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