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Touring with your pet can be a thoroughly pleasant experience for both parties but it may also be rather difficult to find suitable accommodation that allows you to stay with pets. Get on board using the Red Bus Bistro, a brand which offer a unique dining experience, a few hours tea tour on a fabulous classic 1966 Routemaster bus right within the heart of Edinburgh. The average price per evening for a 3-star hotel in Glasgow this weekend is £102 or even, for a 4-star hotel, £156. The lounge club has a terrace and Wi-Fi that you should enjoy your stay at the real estate. You will pay around $137 if you choose to remain in a 4-star hotel tonight, whilst a 5-star hotel in Glasgow will cost around $175, on average (based on prices). The Novotel Edinburgh Centre resort, located on Lauriston Place, is a modern cosy hub, ideal for business, lovers or family trips. There are number of country house resort situated near Glasgow and Edinburgh and are been recognised as the top hotels in Scotland

Things you can do In Edinburgh