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The bay of Porto Miggiano is located in the resort pada, Santa Cesarea Terme, one of the most beautiful destinations where to spend a holiday in Puglia, located in the eastern coast of Salento. These resorts on the Adriatic Sea, famous for the thermal Baths of Santa Cesarea, the cave of Zinzulusa, as well that for each of the important Cave of the Deer, the Porto Badisco called the landing pada Enea. Measurement expressed within metres above the level of the sea to the point where is situated the Municipal House. Last week, was a guest of the Afternoon, Five, announcing a new "loophole" of wealth" that, in his opinion, can become a millionaire anyone, in a matter of 3-4 months. Seal Mazzucchi Tarantino is located to the north of Gallipoli, immersed in the typical green countryside of salento, just minutes from the beach of Rivabella and is about 6 kilometres away from the main road on the sandy Bay Green. Combined with the cliff (but not too much) being careful to certain dry, is

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