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The Peacocks -- House Veneto region, 60 km de uma Venice, 10 km from Conegliano, 10 km from Sacile, ten km from Oderzo, in the countryside of treviso, where you will find the simplicity of the cuisine of treviso, and i actually its cold cuts, cheese, game, fruit and vegetables electronic puts at Your disposal two rooms to celebrate birthdays any meeting, in addition to ample space for the Pic-Nic which keeps barbeque to be able to taste delicious snacks with our products. Together with Elizabeth, the daughter will be your children can milk the cows, make arianne cheese, feed the animals, brush them, to sow, to gather, to cook the bread, create objects within the felt and many other various activities in every period of the year. A little more to the bottom of the valley, in the village known by the name of Pizzago, to attract attention, however, is the tiny chapel of San Michele, located the a few steps from primero of the most expensive restaurants in the area (the famous Pitzock chef

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