The nursing care in self-care based on scientific evidence with the client during chronic renal interdialitico - Sistematic Literature Review

viviani santos, Isabel CF da Cruz


The study of literature review haview have the aim identifying the scientific production of nursing determining the best evidence despoil to the care of the client/ client's family.Theassistance of nurse along to the customer bearer of chronic kidney sic consists of a set of guidelines for health and awareness aimed at changing behavior face its problems in order to take him to act preventively, reducing the damage from changes nature of the disease, investing in developing capacity and skills of the individual for self-care. The professional nursing must be critical and active, running his duties along with the other members of the healthcare team to provide the pacient what you need, is about healing and recovery, guidance and hep in on trolling complications. It is necessary to develop activities of parenting education or health care to the pacient and his family, preventig complications through the self-care enabling better adaptation of pacient.


nursing care, chronic renal failure, kidney dialysis

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