Nursing assistance to patient with heart diseases during cardiac surgery- evidenced based nursing practice

nichola oliveira silva, Isabel Cristina Fonseca da Cruz


This review was written according scientific articles of nursing practical based on evidences according to the theme: patientswith heart diseases in the pre-operatory room for cardiac surgery. Sistematic Literature Review, that was realized between September of 2007 and December of 2008. de It has been observed that it is indispensable to evaluate the patient in all the phases of the surgery cycle for the diagnosis closure of Nursing and the assistance of the Nurse assistant. It has also been observed that being the Coronary Unit a sector of high complexity built with high technology machines, it may become a cold and threatening environment for the patient, who ends up needing a humanized assistance free from the environmental and physical factors that can affect who is in it. The assistance with all health team as also been identified as one of the most important roles for the patient suffering from a cardiac pathology in need of a surgical intervention, to recover.


perioperative, cardiac surgery, nursing assistance.

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