Home visit the peritoneal dialysis patient: A continuity of health education - Systematic literature review

aline rivetti rivetti de melo, Isabel CF da Cruz


ABSTRACT: This article treats of a systematized review of literature on a basis of scientific data. Also, it aims at identifying the nursing cares provided to pacients who underwent peritoneal dialysis, intending to identify, in the scientific productions studied, its evidences in the continuity of the client’s health education and the home visitation. The nurse needs to have knowledge about the chronic renal insufficiency matter and also about the peritoneal dialysis. Nursing has an important role both in home and ambulatory accompaniment, needing special specific studies. 10 (tem) articles were selected and analysed and it was concluded and the benefits of the application of those instruments in nursing care to clients presenting chronic renal insufficiency matter in peritoneal dialysis were confirmed.

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URN: http://www.jsncare.uff.br/index.php/jsncareurn:nbn:de:1983-4152jsncare.v3i2.22339

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