Marcilio de Souza Marcelina, Isabel Cristina Fonseca da Cruz


The patient, debilitated, chronic diseases or other pathologies, which depends on care and, in particular that makes use of enteral nutrition - NE, combined with advanced technology, is becoming a reality. The enteral feeding provides the amount of nutrients compatible with the existing metabolism. This study aims to identify the scientific production of nursing, national and international, demonstrating reports available regarding the efficacy of enteral nutrition and care, based on scientific evidence for the treatment of nutritional imbalance in the inpatient environment of high complexity. The methodology used was computerized literature search, 10 articles and selected national and international patient. The results were: Nursing plays a fundamental role within the team Enteral Nutrition (EN), develops, since maintenance actions and control of track selection and volume administered to the most varied reactions that the patient may experience during therapy.We conclude that enteral feeding satisfactory environment requires highly complex maintenance actions, control the route of choice of the volume to be administered and still monitoring, management individualized to prevent complications.


Enteral Nutrition; Nursing Care; Intensive Care Unit

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