The nurse's challenges regarding patient safety in preventing pressure injuries in intensive care unit patients.- Systematic Review.

Daiana Cordeiro Nascimento, Isabel CF da Cruz


Problem: lack of information about the practice based on scientific evidence and its guidelines for the resolution of the nursing diagnosis Pressure Ulcer / Pressure sore (disorder) for the highly complex patient under intensive care in a maximum of 7 days. hospitalization. Objective: To identify the importance of nurses in the prevention of pressure injuries aiming at patient safety in an intensive care unit (ICU). Method: This study is a systematic review of the literature, from which ten articles were selected through the bibliographic databases MEDLINE, LILACS and BEDENF, publications from 2012 to 2019. Result: the studies pointed to the importance of using protocols and scales for the best assessment of the patient with a view to preventing pressure injuries. Conclusion: it was concluded that despite the existing resources, pressure injuries are still a challenge for the professional practice of nurses.


Pressure Injury; Intensive Care Units ;Patient Safety

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