Parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – evidenced based nursing practice

Andréa Figueiredo de Andrade, Isabel CF da Cruz


Parents are key players in the process of recovering the newborn hospitalized in NICU and the presence of the same favors the formation of the bond with the child, which provides great benefits to it.The goal of the present study aims to identify the scientific production of nursing on the participation of parents in the care of newborn hospitalized in NICU to encourage the formation of parent-child bond, in the period of the last five years (2002 to 2007), examining their applicability to practice in the context of NICU. This is a bibliographic research computerized and manual, formalized in the literature relevant held on the following data bases: BDENF, CAPES, SCIELO and OBJN, and selected 10 texts for review because the implications for a better practice. It was found that the involvement of parents in the care of newborn is a strategy and despite the recent benefits provided, this is not yet a reality experienced by NICU. It follows that the paradigm of the biomedical model is being replaced by the limited holistic model, which is focused on the needs of the child and his family, and that the process of construction of this new assistance is getting considerable achievements.


newborn; family; neonatal nursing

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