The client with Deep Vein Thrombosis in the Cardiac ICU- evidenced based nursing practice

Maria Neusiene Roseno Pires, Isabel CF da Cruz


Deep vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a potentially serious illness caused by formation of blood clots in the interior of deep veins. The most common symptoms of DVT occur generally in one of the legs, and it is characterized by recent beginning of the following clinical signals: pain, edema and redness in the affected area (leg or thigh). This article has for goal to discuss the nursing assistance to the client who possess Deep vein Thrombosis and the complications in the daily life of this client. An analysis of last the 5 years articles that were related to the considered subject was carried through. The TVP is a complication, that requires intense attention of the nurse in intensive care therapy, being this and the pulmonary embolism, quiet pathologies. We conclude that the prevention of the TVP is a simpler and better action for the client, through some practical measures that they can be applied in Intensive Care Unit day-by-day.


venous thrombosis, nursing, intensive care units

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