Performance of nurses by the risk factors and measures for the prevention and control of infections related to the care of hemodialysis catheters – Systematic Literature Review

Fabiola Goulart, Isabel CF da Cruz


This is a bibliographical study, which focuses on infections related to catheters for hemodialysis and the role of nurses. Our goal in this work is to identify the risk factors and to study the facts to prevent and control infections related to catheters for hemodialysis and the care provided to the patients during the sessions of hemodialysis and its complications. To realize the purpose, were investigated scientific articles published in databases BDENF, Pubmed and Medline in the period of 2003 to 2008, examining their applicability in daily practice. The results demonstrated the need to maintain continuing education for medical professionals, aiming at the prevention of infection and improve the assistance provided to the customer of high complexity.


Infections; renal Dialysis e Catheterization.

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