Nursing assistance in the cetoacidose diabetic complication Sistematic Literature Review

elma fonseca doria, Isabel CF da Cruz


The present study is about a group of chronic metabolic illnesses of slow, gradual evolution and many of the times quiet. The Diabetes Mellitus that has grown every day, the factors that the daily pay make use presents as pathological characteristic the high glucose levels due the lack or reduction of the production or release of the insulina hormone for the pancreas. One of its acute complications is cetoacidose diabetic defined by the absence or the accented amount of insulina, resulting in riot metabolic. From the pathological situation present, this condition demands as nurse attribution the hidreletrolitico, hemodinamico and glicemico accompaniment condition. In this article we will approach the fiopatologia as literature revision, the nursing actions and cetoacidose diabetic manifestations clinical.
Key-words: diabetes mellitus; cetoacidose diabetic; actions of nursing .


diabetes mellitus; cetoacidose diabetic; actions of nursing

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