The care of a nurse with the prevention of pressure ulcers based on practice and experience of nurses in ICU – Sistematic Literature Review

dinilza Genovez, Isabel CF da Cruz


The ulcers are under pressure from several comorbidities and outcomes are related to the patient who is the sole dependence on care in the ICU care in preventing or reducing its ulcer disease is more intense, and requires skill of nurses, study, knowledge, needs constant search for the renewal of methods to reduce the frequency of occurrence or the severity increased. This study aimed to identify scientific production association in the period 2004 to 2008 at about the methods available for the prevention of pressure sores in ICU and how nurses can contribute to the prevention of pressure ulcers in the ICU, 10 (ten) articles were selected and analyzed and concluded that the commitment to bring the reality of the institution to the patient's need, in the hands of nurses sometimes becomes an art, based on his practice and experience and an incentive to search.


intensive care unit, pressure ulcer, prevention.

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